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Ultrasun SPF 50+ Tinted Face Fluid - Honey

A lightweight, super fast absorbing face sun protection - ideal for those with sensitive skin types, or those not wanting to use a thick, heavy white casing sun screen!

SPF 50+ for the ultimate high sun protection!

This formula is tinted, the shade Honey adapts to all skin tones for a smooth, instantly radiant complexion. A hint of warm colour - perfect for non-makeup days.

  • ACTIVES - Ectoin®, GSP-T, Illumiscin®
  • UVA Filter - 95%
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Ultra Light-weight
  • Water resistant
  • Non-greasy
  • Lamellar
  • Sensitive
  • Vegan Friendly

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Ultrasun Tinted Face Fluid SPF5040ml BF
super thin face liquid sun protectionSPF 50+ Tinted Face Fluid - Honey


A lightweight formula, designed to protect the skin throughout the day from UVA, UVB, HEVL & Infared-A rays as well as environmental pollution. Anti inflammatory & hydrating properties, Ecotin®, this natural enzyme, unique to Ultrasun, reduces blue light and pollution!

Fast absorbing, extremely light and non-greasy fluid-like texture gives you the protection from the sun without a heavy white-case screen. Use underneath your makeup, 15mins before sun exposure for the best results.

Contains no emulsifiers, perfumes or preservatives - ideal for those with sensitive skin types.

Tinted to create that lightweight makeup base whilst protecting skin from sun damage.

I have been an Ultrasun convert for years now and I feel like this is the product I have been waiting for (without even realising it!). The texture is more like a serum than a moisturiser so it sinks in really quickly, making application of makeup and other skincare easy. I have struggled with the US Face Lotion during the day as I find that they are a bit heavy for my skin so this is just what I need. If you haven't tried it yet...DO!

— BeautyObsessed88, Ultrasun customer


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SPF 50+ Tinted Face Fluid - Honey
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