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Perfect alternative to toothpaste

Toothtabs with Fluoride-Refill

We all want to clean our teeth but Toothpaste is bulky stuff.

Big bulky toothpaste stuff coming in huge plastic tubes with half of it being water. It's just generally inefficient.

  • Approx 62 tabs per pack.
  • Chewable toothpaste tablets.
  • Free of preservatives, germ-inhibiting substances and bingers.
  • Zero plastic and vegan,

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Perfect alternative to toothpasteToothtabs with Fluoride-Refill

Ready to swap from your usual toothpaste?

How do I use?

Just pop one in your mouth and chew until it feels smooth, then brush your teeth as usual.


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Toothtabs with Fluoride-Refill
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Perfect alternative to toothpaste.