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Plumping Blush Glow-Plexion
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Jersey C What skin tone is it for?
Jersey Beauty Company Its suitable for any skin tone. You can build up for a deeper colour or mix with a foundation or moisturiser for fairer skin tones.
Jersey C Where does it go?
Jersey Beauty Company It's personal preference how much or how little you want to use. For a subtle look add a little on the cheeks or add to your foundation. If you want more of a glow apply to firehead, nose, chin and eyelids too.
Jersey C Can I use as an eyeshadow?
Jersey Beauty Company This product is multi functional and can be used anywhere on the face for an extra healthy glow.
Jersey C Can I mix with my moisturiser?
Jersey Beauty Company Absolutely, it's perfect for mixing with your foundation or moisturiser.
Jersey C Does it have a glittery finish to it?
Jersey Beauty Company As we age some shimmers and glitters finishes can age us, and highlight any fine lines and wrinkles. This product of soft and subtle blending into the skin without the glitter effect.
Jersey C Do you have to be over 40 to use Studio 10 products?
Jersey Beauty Company Absolutely not. All products have been designed with those extra ingredients needed as the skin naturally ages, but you don't need to be over 40.
Jersey C Is it safe to use in pregnancy?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, all Studio 10 products are safe to use during pregnancy.