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Spoolies 5 PACK - Spoolies Hair Curlers

Spoolies 5 PACK - Spoolies Hair Curlers

Spoolies 5 PACK - Spoolies Hair Curlers

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Spoolies® Trademark Brand Hair Curlers - a retro favorite, redesigned with new patented technology. Create Classic Curls with a Modern Twist.  Spoolies, the curlers millions loved in the 50s are easy to use, fun to wear, and create a variety of hairstyles - such as Loose Waves, Spiral Ringlets, and Classic Pin Curls. Simply wrap the hair around the stem and fold the top over! The longer you leave the curlers in the hair, the tighter the curl.

Features include:

  • Pure Hypoallergenic Silicone
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Heat Resistant
  • Non Slip - will not slide out of hair
  • No Pins or Clips Needed
  • Odorless & Non-Toxic (no PVC or Latex)
  • Washable
  • Easy-to-Use & Fun to Wear!

Spoolies create the size of curl similar to a 3/4 inch to 1½-inch curling iron - but No Heat or Chemicals required. In a hurry? Spoolies® can be heated with a blow dryer for lasting curls! Buy Spoolies® Hair Care Products with confidence - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Spoolies, Inc. donates a portion of profits to charity in support of girl’s education projects around the globe. Thank you for your support!

Enjoy salon-perfect soft waves, natural ringlets, and pin curls with Spoolies® Hair Curlers. It's easy and fun to create curls and styles you'll love!

To create tight curls: leave curlers in overnight, or slightly moisten the ends.

For a full head of curls: apply curlers starting at the top of the head.

For soft waves or loose curls with a smooth crown: do not dampen hair and wind spools starting mid-strand (for long hair). A blow dryer can warm each curler to activate curls faster and a hair texturizing spray, such as sea salt spray, will hold curls longer.

For naturally curly or wavy hair: apply curlers close to the scalp right after washing and drying hair to produce smooth uniform curls with no frizzies. 

For curls-on-the-go: a slight mist of texturizing or curl activation spray can be applied to the ends before curling and air dry for 10 to 30 minutes or apply heat if desired.

Remember: The longer the curlers remain in the hair, the tighter the curl!

When removing the curlers: unwind the opposite way the hair was wound and use your fingers to separate the curls. For more volume, comb through each curl and style. For less volume, curls can be relaxed by using a blow dryer to soften the curls. If curlers are applied to freshly washed hair that is "just" dry, or slightly moist, and stay in the hair overnight, then the curls will be tight and can usually last more than one day. 

We think you will adore the endless hair styles you can achieve, AND enjoy the compliments you'll receive for your beautiful bouncy curls! 

Note: Spoolies® Hair Curlers are 1 3/8" and considered small by today's standards, but were called "jumbo" in the 50s.