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Sparkle Fantasy

Sparkle Fantasy Loose Mermaid Pigment - Late Night Feelings

Sparkle Fantasy Loose Mermaid Pigment - Late Night Feelings
Sparkle Fantasy

Sparkle Fantasy Loose Mermaid Pigment - Late Night Feelings

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Super sparkly super mermaidy lilac gold rainbow !

Gorgeous fine sparkle Multichrome pigment highest quality ! Multi colour reflecting .. use as a sparkly rainbow highlighter , sparkling eye pigment or body/hair shimmer.. perfect for magical rainbow looks... see the rainbow POP under artificial light or natural sunlight.

100% Plastic Free

Glitter without the litter! Plastic free packaging too.

Made from biodegradable materials, no heavy metals, biodegrades in the natural environment, approved for cosmetic use. Get your 'festival' on with this guilt free glitter!

Always vegan friendly and animal cruelty free these beautiful planet friendly glitters are completely non toxic, free of heavy metals and approved for cosmetic use. They are also non genetically modified.

Super high sparkle, great quality cosmetic grade glitter at fabulous prices !

Why we love the Mermaid Pigments?

No little princess should be with out some sparkle in their life. What better than a Mermaid sparkle made from delicate mica powder. Super gentle, no nasty chemicals or sharp edges, but gives that premium look to make them look and feel amazing. A little really does go along way. Cheaper plastic pigments can cause real problems around the eye area that's why they get a Big thumbs up from us!

Biodegradable glitter is definitely the future. Non-biodegradable glitter is made up of tiny plastic pieces that ends up being washed away straight into the waterway system. We have all heard how more and more plastic is making its way into our rivers and seas, and in recent years microplastic such as glitter has been causing real issues with the marine life and environment.

Sparkle Fantasy have gone one step further. Their packing is now plastic free too and of course who doesn't like a Mermaid!

How to use Sparkle Fantasy Loose Mermaid Pigment - Late Night Feelings

Pigments are for those that want a high vibrancy sparkling glow effect... Use to bling up a matt base shadow on or on its own for a mystical white/blue glow... These beautiful Pigments are a super fine, high grade luxury loose soft pigment, perfect for giving your body, hair or face a stunning glowy sparkling veil. No fixative needed with these, but If you need a more intense look on the eyes or face we suggest you layer them up using a Glitter Fix liquid or an eyeshadow base.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are they tested on animals?

Sparkle Fantasy products are not tested on animals and are vegan friendly.

Are they full of heavy metals?

No, they're free of heavy metal unlike craft glitters, and approved for cosmetic use.

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Loose Mermaid Pigment - Late Night Feelings
Sparkle Fantasy