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At last! 

If you’ve got sensitive, oily or combination skin - Dermalogica’s ‘Fit Skin’ kit is free and it contains 2 free gifts perfect for your skin type...


Hurry! Claim your free ‘Fit Skin’ kit…

When you spend £60 or more on Dermalogica.

Includes 2 free products

  • Special Cleansing Gel 50ml
  • Calm Water gel 10ml

Perfect for…

  • Oily skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Combination skin
Special Cleansing Gel 50Ml

Special Cleansing Gel 50ml

Introducing: Dermalogica’s best selling cleanser (reportedly used by the likes of Jessica Alba and Danni Minogue.)

  • It gently removes impurities and excess oils, making it perfect for oily and combination skin types.
  • If you are on the sensitive side, it's really important to get a soap-free, fragrance free cleanser that nourishes skin and doesn't strip the surface or dry your skin. Special cleansing gel contains a naturally-foaming extract, Quillaja Saponaria Bark Extract.
  • To make the Special Cleaning Experience even more relaxing, Dermalogica have added balm mint, a skin soothing extract that cools and lavender, a naturally antiseptic extract helps purify skin.
Calm Water Gel 10Ml

Ultracalming Calm Water Gel 10ml

Calm Water Gel is the newest member of the Ultracalming range for sensitive skin… and it’s reeling rave reviews for these magnificent reasons...

  • Dermalogica UltraCalming Calm Water Gel is not a lightweight moisturiser, it’s weightless! Which is great news for those of you who feel discomfort even putting lightweight moisturisers on your skin when it’s sensitised, oily or suffering congestion.
  • Calm Water Gel has been specially formulated to provide instant relief and moisture.
  • The truth is, a lot of oily skin types find that their skin is also highly sensitive - because they cannot find a moisturiser that protects skin without clogging pores. Yet, this Ultracalming innovation contains active ingredients such as pyrus malus (apple fruit) extract and glycerin - to hydrate and soften skin while defending against dryness, WITHOUT any nasty, pore-clogging.
  • Opuntia ficus-indica (cactus pear) stem extract  - also helps soothe sensitivity and impart water-binding properties for moisture balance.
  • But that’s not all - if you’ve heard about the power of hyaluronic acid, this moisturiser contains 2 types! Sodium hyaluronate and hydrolyzed sodium Hyaluronate work together to form a Dual Hyaluronic Acid technology that works in different skin surface layers to increase and lock in moisture.

Grab Special Cleansing Gel 10ml + Ultracalming Calm Water Gel 10ml together, in your FREE ‘Fit Skin’ kit, when you spend £60 or more on Dermalogica. 

While stocks last.
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Since most plastics don’t biodegrade and manufacturing can cause pollution, we opted for a environmentally friendly packaging material to keep your order safe… POPCORN! 

It’s fun, 100% biodegradable and small enough to keep Dermalogica products really tight and secure. Don’t worry - the popcorn is free from sugary syrups so your parcel is nice and clean! One easy way to do your bit for the planet…

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Simply put - order 1 Dermalogica product and you’ll be able to choose 3 FREE samples.

Order 2 or more Dermalogica products and you can take your pick of 6 FREE samples.

We’ll enclose the samples in your order, together with your packing slip in an envelope - don’t forget to open the envelope to get those freebies!

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If you order a full size product and you are not happy with it, you can send it back to our warehouse for a refund! Simply put, you have nothing to lose when you shop from us. Even if you try the product and decide it’s not the one for Happy Remarkable You.. we’ll refund! Just make sure you send any bottles you don’t want, back to us so that we can give you your money back.

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