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for a luxurious, transformative deep sheet maskJbc skimono

Skimono Intense Nourishment+ Hand Mask

Moisturise and soften your hands, after the last few years they've been sanitised to the max!

With alcohol in sanitisers being drying on the hands as well as all the washing and generally ageing - soften, soothe and hydrate them using these pampering hand masks.

Infused with luxurious ingredients, made in Korea, one of the most influence skin care countries globally, these glove masks will leave your hands super soft!

  • 5* Luxury Beauty
  • Uk Designed/Made in South Korea & Taiwan
  • Unique technology formulas in the advanced masks
  • 1 Mask = 1 Tree - Skimono is committed to becoming carbon neutral

Order before 12pm for same day shipping.

Skimono Intense Nourishment Hand Mask GS
for a luxurious, transformative deep sheet maskIntense Nourishment+ Hand Mask


Enriched with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid, these innovative glove masks work to restore softness and refine skin’s texture.

Enveloping the skin in nourishment and comfort, these bio-cellulose masks deliver long-lasting results.

1 sachet = 2 gloves

600x600 5


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Intense Nourishment+ Hand Mask
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