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Joanne H

The product I was exactly what I was looking for during a bout of chickenpox and calmed the itching down immediately


I bought this product for my daughter to use following recent breast surgery for cancer. She still has her post op dressings on so has yet to use it. I hope it helps reduce her scars. I will write a review when she's used it.

Christine E

Lovely product. My scar is slowly fading.

Victoria P

A great help with the rawness of a scar from a total knee replacement 3 months previous.

Sharon H

After a month it was incredible: you could hardly see the scar. Six weeks later, my daughter couldn’t even see it. Now I struggle to remember which side it’s on.

John B

My girlfriend uses it on scars from a cesarian done 20 years ago that causes pain and looks raw and sore. She is a Chinese national and the surgery was not as refined as it would be here. She has found major relief with the cream and uses it daily. It has eased the itchiness and also reduced the rawness of the scar. Overall a product that has helped immensely in giving her a better quality of life without having to resort to remedial surgery

Angie B

I wasn’t hopeful any product would help minimise the scar on my eye following a fall. I gave solution for scars a go. You have to be patient and stick with it following advised instructions. 3 months later my scar has reduced, redness gone and at times difficult to see it now.

Norma S

I used the cream on a wart type skin disorder and it has completely gone. It took a long time and needed a lot of perseverance. I would recommend this product.

Catriona M

It took about 3-4 weeks to see improvement but thankfully my facial scar has improved greatly and I have applied 2-3times daily. I still have cream & I’ve been using for over 4 weeks. If I need more I will get some but I think the improvement is so good I might not need to. Thank you for quick service and excellent results. It also just feels lovely on my skin and has good texture and not perfumed.

Jaimee H

So amazed with this product. Only been using for just under 2 weeks and seeing noticeable results already. I use for acne scarring on my face & my skin has never felt or looked better. Cannot wait to see how my skin continues to improve. Highly recommend!