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REDKEN Blondage High Bright Conditioner

Keep your blondes looking brighter and cooler than ever before, with the NEW Blondage High Bright collection from REDKEN.

  • Vitamin C Infused
  • Professional solution to brighten blondes
  • Brightening Care Complex - the more you use, the brighter your blonde!

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hair care for brighter looking blondesBlondage High Bright Conditioner


Keep your blondes looking cool and bright, with this NEW REDKEN Blondage High Bright collection.

Formulated using the Brightening Hair Care Complex to give your hair the blonder than blonde tones! This conditioner also contains Vitamin C extracts, a naturally derived ingredient known for its brightening benefits.

The instantly brightening formula creates cooler, brighter and healthier blondes, through the chelators (a bonding of ions reaction) bond themselves with dirt or impurities that can cause dullness.


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Blondage High Bright Conditioner
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