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Angela G

Great delivery and customer service


Good service. Would you be able to use a little less packing though?

Lisa R

quick service

Roberta M

Quick reliable service / quality product

Lorraine M

I love the Dermalogica products however I am having to look elsewhere for similar products as they are just getting far too expensive. As far as your company is concerned ordering is easy, the popcorn packaging is perfect and all my orders have turned up very quickly.

Claire D

Love the free samples, but would like to be able to choose more than one sample of the same product.


Very pleased with service and packaging as well as the range of freebies on offer whenever I order from Jersey Beauty Company. However, I was a bit disappointed on my last delivery that I didn't receive one of the samples I ordered. It was one I really wanted to try as I had read lots about it. It was showing as available when I requested it. Other than that, great.

Offereins G

Fast delivery

Lorna S

Quick delivery of favorite products

Sylvia H

Normally love you guys but disappointed the free gift did not accompany my order!!

Michelle T

Beautiful ethical packaging, loved the chance to try free samples with an order.


Really perfect cosmetics! Very fast service except the problem with the last delivery Thank so much!!!

Lorelei S

Good communication & pricing



Denise S

Great delivery packaging pricing and free gifts to try


Good products & good service. Postage a little slower than normal but that’s to be expected at the moment. Love the samples


Great as not able to get Mary Cohr elsewhere

Jacqueline D

Free samples when placing an order.

Matt E

Love this Shave of the best that I have tried (and I have tried many over the years). It's different from normal cream/gel and leaves your skin feeling great. Love the packaging get 5 stars, just need to be plastic-free :-) Product is awesome though. Highly recommend trying it out.

Matt E

I am a big fan of this soap. I have been using it for a few months now and still a fan. It's great that you can use this as shampoo and soap, and it smells fab. Leaves your skin feeling great too (unlike other soaps that tend to dry my skin and make it feel sticky). The outer box isn't particularly attractive, but I'm OK with that! The instructions say to use one cube per wash - but I find that I can use one cube for two showers as I have shortish hair. I do like the cube idea, but I think if there was an option to get this as a bar instead - it would definitely prefer that.

Roberta M

Lovely smell + lathers quickly


So far the product does appear to help reduce dark patches under the eyes and also reduce puffiness. Unfortunately this product seems to have a name change every so often and the new name seems to be an excuse to put the price up and consequently no longer offers such good value for money .

Maralyn C


Isabelle v

It's a nice face mist, that soothes my skin. However, the smell is not great.


Bought as a gift, recipient loved it

Doreen M

It's quite adequate as a day cream. Having very dry skin and having been used to the 888 (which I'm told has been replaced) on a daily basis, I find it doesn't feel at all as rich and smoothing. Having said that, I will certainly finish it out and perhaps try the 888 replacement next time.

Hazel D

Designed for over 40's I thought this would be THE one for me. Unfortunately I didn't like it very much.I hated the smell and it wasn't the sort of smell that you got used to.It blended in quite well but left my skin feeling a little tacky

Asa N

Gentle but effective cleanser, great for dry skin.

Karen R

A good clenser. Not all of my free samples arrived only half of them

angela j

Same here gound it much cheaper on another site!

Caroline O

I love this product. I tried to swap to cheaper versions but kept breaking out into spots, even though I usually have very clear skin. It’s very cleansing and gentle at the same time. You don’t need to use much and it’s worth a little extra money. The only slight issue is the packaging. More than once I’ve found that it wasn’t closed properly and spilled out in my gym bag.

Maria D

Nice and rich for my very dry wrinkly skin.


I've been using this moisteriser off and on but definitely whenever I go for facials, as I first discovered it after having a facial. Like me, has anyone else noticed the change in smell? I much preferred the "old" scent although I can't say it has affe


Beautiful and light for everyday use

Katy O

a really nie moisturizer at a reasonable enough price!



Janet S

I will keep trying this as I forget to put it on at night, so when I do use it it’s very nice

claire g

I was asked to try this cream I liked the smell to over powering it was a nice texture went on very well not grease could put clothes on straight away did it firm my tummy and top of my legs not really

Christine P

This is a lovely moisturising body cream that is absorbed quickly leaving no residue. Personally i do not like the fragrance as it has an underlying ‘chemical’ smell.

Sarah M

I love this mask as it does a great job of refreshing my skin and giving it a healthy boost which is much needed after breakouts etc.

Sarah M

Precleanse is a staple in my beauty regime. It is great at removing make up and dirt as part of my first step of double cleansing.

Melissa H

My go to cleanser for years, it’s perfect for my sensitive skin.


Lovely fragrance. Luxury item for special occasions.

Sonia S

I haven't used it yet, using up old body lotion ! I can't give it a true star, I understand it is very good.

Debbie F

Early days, only been using this product 4 days but so far so could, have one problem area on my cheek and it seems to have reduced the redness of it already.

Pat N

Feels nice on but colour very pale, would have preferred a slightly stronger tint.


I’ve used this product before & really like it, a bit expensive so only use once a day. It leave your skin feeling firm but not tight & is great under your usual moisturiser.

Helen B

Perfect for cleaning my phone etc. Also useful for door handles and light and switches . It doesn’t have a strong smell which I like.


Very soothing and refreshing


Lovely as always, would be nice with spf in it.



Helen O

A handy product for travelling with.

Denise S

Using it in bathroom during Covid-19 Flush taps door handle and light switch. Thank you

Hayley W

Amazing product! Has made my face look so fresh & glowing. Speedy delivery too which meant I got to enjoy that much quicker.

Hannah M

Great product

Lorelei S

Its ok feels nice but doesn't do a lot for mu fine lines'

Belinda G

So far so good as I have sensitive skin recently it was red , dry and I had eczema on my face. Due to my thyroid I wasnt sure. I have been using products with very good ingredients in . I want my skin /face to look healthy and glowing. I was quite concerned this product did not say for sensitive skin.

Katie L

I bought this for my teenage son along with other clear start products. He’s been using the range for two weeks now and the improvement in his skin is amazing! He has quite a lot of breakouts on his forehead and these combination of products have made a massive difference! The only reason I haven’t given 5 stars is because this hydrating lotion still leaves his skin slightly dry but on the whole I’m really impressed

Belinda G

Best eye gel around

Sylvia H

Very good

Alison M

Nice, light daily moisturiser.

Lorna S

Good product


Preferred the original version my face seems dryer

Christine P

I was very disappointed with the dispenser that didn’t work, this happened on the replacement I received, in the end Jersey beauty opened one before posting it out to me

Margaret V

Love all the Guinot products that I’ve bought. The Creme Anti - Rides is creamy and you only need to use a small amount so it lasts longer. I’m pleased with the results.

Katy42 -

This mask is a translucent aqua gel-crème in the tube, but becomes transparent on application. The scent is fresh-marine-botanical, and reminds me of Darphin's Exquisage moisturiser. This product absorbs quickly; I've used it under moisturiser and makeup, both of which were applied with no problem and my skin felt very comfortable. I've also tried it as an overnight mask although it's not specifically designed for that purpose. I've used this mask three times so far and my skin has shown an improvement in hydration and comfort, particularly when followed with a rich moisturiser (I used La Roche Posay Nutritic Riche). I do think that you need to apply a thick layer of this product (as recommended) for maximum benefits.

Adele M -

This mask is great. It's perfect for sensitive skin, and really works to detoxify. It's also gentle enough that sometimes I put it on and leave it overnight. When I wake my skin is glowing and so much healthier looking!

Julie S -

This is an excellent make up remover for the face and neck but I find it too harsh for the eye area. It is easy to apply with a cotton wipe but it is necessary to apply moisturizer immediately after use as it does have a drying effect on the skin.

Jane S -

I like the smell, but skin is a little bit oily after rinsing which is a bit of a set back considering my skin is oily itself. Probably the oily feeling comes from the Avocado oil extract which is part of the formula - taking into consideration how beneficial the Avocado oil is for ones skin I am willing to let the oily-feeling slide. Despite the oiliness I think this product could be really good for people with dry skin, it also works good if used in the evening routine (if you don't use AHA acid containing products after, as AHAs are only water soluble the efficiency can be lower if used directly after this cleansing oil).

Roberta -

I have tried this in combination with other skin purifying product and the effects are showing

J Gamble -

Lovely smell, leaves skin nice and soft. Can create a bit of a ‘peel’ sometimes

Amber -

I’ve been using it a bit inconsistently, however I’ve still managed to see a drastic improvement in my stretch marks. Will hopefully get more consistent and see proper results!

Elle S

I started using the solution for scars cream around 5 weeks ago now and I have noticed that the cream definitely has helped flatten my scar, I use twice a day in the morning and before I go to bed and I also use bio oil once a day and I have noticed by using these creams together they have definitely taken done some of the redness. I fell over and cut myself around January time so its a pretty new scar , but so far so good just make sure you allow time for this cream as it doesn’t have an affect over night but for long term use its great!

Harvey -

My first thoughts of the product are that it is excellent, only a couple of weeks using it has shown massive changes to my skin, and it does not dry my skin out like other products I have tried have done.

Zara -

Overall, works as a great moisturiser. I do have a comprehensive skin-care routine which includes anti-redness/inflammatory ingredients such as niacinimide , so the extent to which I can attribute less reddening of the face is uncertain. However, I do think it aids with inflammation and ‘cools’ down active acne. I have used this on a few pimples that I got, and usually I do see some scarring or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation; this product has significantly reduced it. The only negative thing I have to say is, as someone with sensitive skin, sometimes (although not all the time) the product caused mild tingling. But, overall, content with the product.

Katy S

I bought the fragrance free cleanser and serum. Both work well on my sensitive skin and don’t irritate it any further. Really lovely products to use. I would like a bigger cleanser size as it goes down quite quickly with the recommended amount to use! Otherwise, great. And lovely service.

Anonymous -

I found this useful for putting on my face at night.

Caroline M

This is the best soothing cream for my dry and sensitive skin. I have almost finished the pot already!

Anonymous -

I love this product...but I like the old version better than the new one! The consistency of the early product was better.

Heidi W

Does what it says on the jar!

Karen T

I love this lip balm, and I've bought it for other people who say the same. It works a treat, lasts for ages and is great value for money.

Eve -

Smells lovely, the texture is really nice, tastes nice too! I love the concept of it going onto a dry face and becoming creamy when wet. However it’s not great at removing makeup compared with a hot cloth brand I have used for years. My skin has broken out in blemishes. I’m in my 40s and don’t really suffer from spots. Such a shame as it is a really lovely product.

Lorna -

Good product

Sam -

I was a bit disappointed with this product as I really wanted to love it. I seem to need to use quite a lot of the product on my bamboo cotton pads to get results. I thought it would have a stronger fragrance too. That said it does remove my eye makeup and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.

Felicity P

I loved this product, I used it on a freshly cleaned face, but I also used it as a face spritzer throughout the day, when having tropical moments, and loved this product. There was no sensitivity at all, sometimes I do react to products, but this was delightful, cooling, refreshing, and would definitely repurchase, facial spritzers are a new line to me, and something I would never have considered, but now can never see myself, doing without, try it I'm sure you will love it like me.

Kat -

This works well to keep my eye area hydrated & it is easy to apply with the rollerball. It is lightweight, applies easily, sinks in quickly & has no sticky residue. Since using this for about 3wks, I've noticed the skin on my eyelids seems a little firmer & I have slightly less discoloration around my eyes. Not sure I've noticed a big difference in the appearance of my fine lines, but the skin does stay nicely hydrated & plump. Find it makes my concealer ball up (tried 2 or 3 different concealers, all with the same result). I prefer to use another eye cream during the day under makeup, so use this at night only. I deducted a star due to the makeup issue, but using a 2nd eye cream doesn't really bother me. The price is reasonable & I reckon the bottle will last me a good few months.

Christine -

I like that this eye serum is inexpensive compared to a lot of other brands and the roller ball is a plus point as it ensures only the right amount of product is dispensed each time. However, I find the texture of the serum too watery and maybe not rich enough in cold weather. On the plus side, my eyes do look brighter and less puffy after using.

Glynis -

I've become a fan of Evolve and have several products- masks, serums, and oils- but I'm not keen on the smell of this cream. Sorry! I guess it comes down to personal preference. The list of ingredients is pretty long and includes various fruit/ flower oils. I wonder if these are to add fragrance or for the effectiveness of the product? It's certainly a good moisturiser, but as I prefer unperfumed skincare I wonder if some of the fragrance in this could be removed?

O -

A really lovely product that does do what it says. First thing in the morning and during a long journey, it is so convenient to use and has a lasting effect of freshness on the skin.

Caroline P

This Hydrating Serum is lovely. It has a light consistency and blends in well. I use it before my daily moisturiser and under my makeup. It has a pleasant smell too!

Avril M

My skin is very dry, especially this time of year with cold weather and central heating. I have been using hydrating serum for more than a week and my skin looks and feels so much better. This is great for under make up too. The only thing I didn't like is it's very watery but definitely a new favourite.

Diane L

It's still early days in my use of the serum, but when I put it on my skin I can feel a slight tightening. It sinks in quickly and isn't sticky. I use it with the Age Defy Nourishing Moisturiser on top, which is gel like and not at all greasy, and is great under make-up, as I find some creams far too greasy for my mature but combination skin. I am pleased with both of these products so far.

Kat M

I had seen the reviews for the firming serum and was intrigued as had never used a serum before. I have noticed my skin feels firmer. The 2-3 drops soak into my skin and leave it feeling refreshed. I use the serum as an additional layer of nourishment before using my moisturiser. It is light and not sticky. I am now a serum convert. Thanks Ark!

Georgia W

So far so good with using this clearing serum!! It's only been about a week or so but already I've noticed improvements. Always struggled with painful spots on my face and since using introducing this product into my skincare the spots have calmed down and a starting to fade away! Can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring!

M -

These cleansers are lovely to use and leave the skin looking fresh and feeling comfortable. However, pre cleanser was not man enough to remove my Hourglass Film Noir mascara completely.

Rosie L

Just started using this - so far, very good. Love the jar and the controlled delivery of the cream.

Lorna A

This product cleanses well, is easy to use, and leaves my skin feeling soft and plump. I use a muslin cloth for removal, as I find this is more thorough and removes excess tackiness.

Nicky R

I ordered this after reading rave reviews in The Sunday Times and having failed to find a cleanser that does a good job but doesn't bring me out in welts. My skin has developed a sensitivity to any 'cream-based' product but I'm delighted to report this has no ill effect. It smells utterly divine, is a perfect consistency, and really deep cleans. I can't say my skin is any brighter but I adore using it.

Laura S

This product does what it says - cleanses the skin at the end of the day and conditions leaving the skin feeling smooth and clean.

Michelle T

After using my previous moisturiser for a long time, I recently decided to try Ark’s Age Defend Moisturiser and already I am noticing a difference in the appearance of my skin. My complexion is clearer, brighter, and more radiant. All this in just under two weeks! I am really pleased with my purchase. Highly recommended.