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My Payot is dedicated to dull and lacklustre skin. All the products in this range are enriched with antioxidant superfruit extracts to boost radiance and revitalise stressed, tired and dull skin.
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My Payot Your Beauty Coach Energising Duo 2
Payot My Payot Energising DuoDuo

My Payot BB Cream Blur b 1
Payot My Payot BB Cream Blur Light50ml

My Payot Brume Eclat 1
Payot My Payot Brume Eclat125ml

My Payot Jour Gelee 1
Payot My Payot Jour Gelee50ml

My Payot Sleeping Pack 1
Payot My Payot Anti-Fatigue Masque50ML

My Payot Jour 1
Payot My Payot Jour50ml

My Payot Regard 1
Payot My Payot Regard15ml