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Hydra 24+ Regard Glacon
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Jersey C Will it help with wrinkles?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes. Payot’s Hydra 24+ Regard Glacon has been designed to gently soften dehydration creases or fine lines around the eyes. If you have deep set wrinkles, you may want to use something a little stronger - perhaps with retinol in. But really, deep set wrinkles around the eyes are typically caused by laughing, and who wants to get rid of laughter?!
Jersey C Will it help with dark circles?
Jersey Beauty Company Payot’s Hydra 24+ Regard Glacon has been designed to restore dry skin around the eye cream it will brighten the skin but typically dark circles are due to pigmentation so you would need a product with ingredients like niacinamide, retinol or ash tree bark to resolve dark circles. For most people Payot’s Hydra 24+ Regard Glacon will give the desired brightened effect, especially if you have not used an eye cream previously.
Jersey C When do I apply it?
Jersey Beauty Company The trick is to apply it morning and evening and keep up to it! You just need to roll it round the eye contour once, not wasting vast amounts of product.
Jersey C What age do I need this cream at?
Jersey Beauty Company This is a great cream to use from your 20’s, right through your 40’s. In fact, if you start using it in your 20’s it will be the only eye cream you will ever need! The only reason you might want to switch is if you have a specific concern with really deep set wrinkles or pigmentation around the eyes.