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for dehydrated skin

Payot Hydra 24+Your Beauty Routine Moisturisation Set

The perfect set for dehydrated skin

  • Contains a cleanser, mask and eye contour cream.
  • Skin will be moisturised.
  • Protect your skin from the elements.
  • Light, melt in formulas.

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Your Beauty Routine Moistutisation 3
for dehydrated skinHydra 24+Your Beauty Routine Moisturisation Set


This amazing kit contains:

Hydra 24+ Creme Glacee (50ml), moisturising and plumping care, ideal for normal to dry skin and especially suited for dehydrated skin. It has a silky, rich and satin-soft cream texture that melts into the skin for intense 24-hour hydration and immediate and long-lasting comfort.

Hydra 24+ Baume En Masque (50ml) super moisturising and comforting mask. Your skin will feel like it has had a moisturising bath.

Hydra 24+ Regard Glacon (14ml) is fitted with a metal ball massage applicator for the delicate eye contour area. It moves through tiny wrinkles,smoothing the eye contour and boosting the fresh sensation for surprising and long-lasting results

Plus a dazzling makeup bag .

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Payot Hydra 24+Your Beauty Routine Moisturisation Set

Beautiful skin is healthy skin. It reflects your expressions: it is subject to external aggressors and must be pampered! Just like the body, the skin lives in step with the seasons. To help it to go through the year looking beautiful, remember to adapt your skincare and your beauty routines.

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Hydra 24+Your Beauty Routine Moisturisation Set
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