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Sharon H

I have just purchased this product, I am a beauty therapist & make up artist, I have used this in one of my facials, lovely to work with & it truly feeds your skin. I also use it as a night cream, great for dry, dehydrated skin. Fabulous!!

Libby -

This is simply the best product out there, packed with organic natural goodness, it cares for your skin from the outside. It does everything it says and more. I've ditch three products and replaced them with this one and I've only had it for four days! The difference in that time is amazing, my skin is soft and hydrated. Knowing it's so natural I use it all the time it's so nourishing & Love the scent too! It goes everywhere with me! Thank you Rachael!!

Carrie J

I'm just about to order a second jar - a high accolade! I have loved using this balm on my dry hands and have noticed an improvement in the condition of my nails.

Pam -

This superfood balm is amazing. I originally bought as a trial size and couldn't believe how nourished my skin was after only one application. A little goes a long way too. I have now purchased the full size jar and use it as a night cream. I have bought organic skincare from various sources and find that this is one of the best.

Anonymous -

I bought this on recommendation and I can’t praise it enough. It’s soft and easy to use and healed my blister within 24hrs. I have also used it on cuticles and rough heels.

Lauren W

This product is so so good! I use it as a massage oil and on my face when it’s particularly dry! The product smells lovely so subtle! But it really is divine! Highly recommend!

Christine H

This is the second large pot of this balm that I've bought as I just love it. I tend mainly to use it as a moisturiser for my arms and legs (and hands in the process).

Anonymous -

I have applied superfood balm very lightly and evenly to my face and neck every day and evening for the past two months and before and after a swimming session. Gone has my dry and sore looking skin, I now have much smoother and natural healthier looking skin. Superfood balm is now an important part of my skin care. ...a BIG Thank - You to Myroo.

Lucy S

I would never be without Superfood Balm! Between myself, husband, and 3 children, one of us has always got a need for Superfood Balm. I use it on my hands regularly which get hit hard with constant ‘Mum hand washing’ and its done wonders for my daughter’s eczema. It has unlimited uses from sore noses during colds, taming flyaway hair, cracked heels, and relief for my son's sore lips. I keep pots at home, a small pot in my handbag, one in my car and one in my children’s swim bag. I really wouldn’t want to be without it. My skin is super sensitive and this balm is very effective for being so gentle! A super super product. Highly recommended - thanks Myroo