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Anonymous -

I first found your lovely shop whilst visiting Harrogate and bought several products. I am very particular what I put onto my skin and all the ingredients in your products are first class. I absolutely love the cleansing oil and have just ordered a 2nd one for myself and will be ordering a couple of xmas gifts later today. Thank you

Anonymous -

I have mega sensitive skin, and this stuff is a dream. Absolutely love it.

Libby -

This cleanser is so pure, my skin is amazing since using this. Used morning and night, I now have skin that has never felt so clean and soft but looks radiant, I feel so confident & happy, can a cleanser do that? oh yes! Other products sell you the image, this one delivers! Totally free from nasty chemicals, feed your skin with organic, natural & pure goodness, because you are definitely worth it!! I love it!!!

Pam -

Bought this for my daughter as she has sensitive skin. She loves it. Cleanses very well and leaves skin smooth and soft. Would recommend you try for yourself.

Jayne -

I have been looking for and trying organic, natural skin care products as I am really conscious about the number of artificial chemicals we put on our skin. I have also had redness for years, and until I read the blog on the Myroo website about this possibly being caused by fragrances, even natural ones, I had not made the connection. I ordered the fragrance free cleanser and super balm, (which arrived with a face cloth and two really nice mini samples of other products), and from the first use I noticed a positive difference-much softer a younger looking skin and reduced redness. After a few days of using the cleanser and cloth, I noticed a bit of sloughed-off skin around my forehead, which I assumed was as a result of the old, not very well nourished skin coming off with the help of the rougher side of the cloth, leaving my skin looking and feeling even better. I use it every day now and I have completely stopped wearing foundation, which I used to use to cover the redness! Thank you so much for producing and selling this, I am telling lots of people about this, male and female, as someone who has been using natural products for a few years now, I think this is amazing.

Katy S

I bought the fragrance free cleanser and serum. Both work well on my sensitive skin and don’t irritate it any further. Really lovely products to use. I would like a bigger cleanser size as it goes down quite quickly with the recommended amount to use! Otherwise, great. And lovely service.

Stacey H

I love this cleanser so much. It’s so light on your skin and really makes it feel rehydrated after using it. Thank you Myroo

Inga -

Loved it