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Moroccanoil Treatment Oil Light

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil Light

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil Light

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For lighter and fair hair.

Fine, fair and flyaway hair needs a helping hand with lighter touch. This ULTRA ultra-light formulation delivers the same results as Original Treatment Oil but specifically cares for the more delicate structure of finer, fair or white hair.

Special Ingredients

Packed with the same lock-loving ingredients just in a lighter formulation. Argan Oil, Anti-oxidants, Vitamins and proteins protect, repair and restore those strands back to hair loving health.

Treatment Oil Light

  • Anti-ageing and antioxidant properties
  • Strengthens the hair, stops breakage and brittleness in their tracks
  • Moisturises individual strands
  • Renews the hairs structure
  • Creates protective shield against environmental stressors
  • Actively targets and improves the cellular structure of your hair

How do I use it?

  • Much like the original formula, Treatment Oil Light can be applied to wet hair or dry to help reduce drying time, improve manageability and restore hair to it's happy healthy state - all with only the smallest application.
  • To treat over-processed, colour-treated or hard-done-to hair, apply when freshly washed from mid length to ends and style as usual.
  • If you go heavy on the heat, or have your hair jumping through environmental hoops, apply a small amount to dry hair to help protect, restore and repair.
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    1 customer reviews
  • I have fine, curly hair (like Nicole Kidman) so the very heavy anti-frizz products "out there" tend to weigh too heavily on my hair and render me flat-headed. This, however, is perfect for defying the frizz without rendering me pancake- or oily-headed. Gr

    April Lynn Buckinghamshire, UK.