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Moroccanoil Medium Barrel Brush

Moroccanoil Medium Barrel Brush

Moroccanoil Medium Barrel Brush

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For short to mid-length hair

Use the Medium Barrel Brush to dry short to mid-length hair, using the curve to create definition, soft and bouncy curls plus added lift at the roots.

As you would expect Moroccanoil Brushes are not those average brushes that can tug at the hair, graze the scalp and fall apart at the drop of a hat. Moroccanoil brushes are specially designed to incorporate durable and effective materials which work with your hair to protect, style and dry more efficiently.

The brushes house a vented ceramic body which helps retain heat and improve air flow whilst the bristles produce negatively charged ions to help repel moisture more effectively. They are durable too, lasting twice as long as the average sort.