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Avoid The 3 Biggest Pitfalls of Cheap Hair you Don’t Fall Flat with Supermarket Hair Wax (or Damage Your Hair Permanently.)

There are 3 little-known reasons that celebrity footballers choose to opt for a specific salon branded, clay matte hair wax over a supermarket buy...

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Reason 1: Supermarket hair waxes are typically too greasy. Salon brands keep hair healthy.

Back in the 60’s it was considered fashionable to apply grease to your hair… but nowadays it’s important to find a product that keeps hair healthy with a light, natural shine. Getting the balance of shine right is key to looking and feeling confident

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Reason 2: Supermarket hair waxes can often feel heavy. Salon brands are lightweight and remouldable.

When we think about clay, we think about a mushy grey substance that sets into place. But if you buy the right type of clay, it shouldn’t set your hair rock hard. Salon brands are pliable, easy to mould. And… if you are lucky… you might find a product that is remouldable and can be reactivated, restyled - anytime, anywhere.

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Reason 3: Supermarket hair waxes can hold a little. Salon waxes can hold 24-7.

You don’t have to damage your hair completely in order to keep it’s style in place. Don’t dry it out, look for a product that balances good ingredients that work to hold hair in place alongside health-giving natural ingredients that protect your bouncy fro, your straight and short style - or whatever it may be!

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Overcome The 3 Biggest Pitfalls of Cheap and Nasty Hair Products...

Salon-owner, stylist and hairdresser to Liverpool football stars, Ben Huthwaite, sought to overcome these 3 big pitfalls of cheap hair products by creating MattStuff. Professional and affordable, MattStuff has been formulated with a Remold Complex that creates a textured, matte hairstyle, with the ability to hold for 24 hours.

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Benjamin Huthwaite, creator of MattStuff and hairdresser to Liverpool footballers...

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The confidence to face anything…

MattStuff was formulated with a unique Remould Complex, making it reworkable and pliable so that you can easily remould and shape your style throughout the day. It’s a product that guarantees to leave you feeling confident with your hair style for 24 hours a day.

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MattStuff’s Remould Complex

MattStuff’s Remold Complex creates a non-greasy hairstyle, that holds all day.


The patented MattStuff Remould Complex, was invented by professional hairdresser and salon owner, Benjamin Huthwaite. For years, Benjamin styled the hair of premier league footballers in the city of Liverpool. He realised that most men needed a lightweight product that makes hair healthy (not greasy) and easy to style.

After much research, Huthwaite choose three, key ingredients and birthed his trusted Remould complex for textured, stylish hair.

Remould Complex includes:

Kaolin Clay - this natural clay was first discovered in south-eastern China and can be used in it’s earthy state, as a dry shampoo. This is because kaolin clay is profound when it comes to absorbing excess oils. It removes any grease from your hair and replaces it with a subtle shine so that your hair has an irresistible texture that many will have to resist running their fingers through!

PVP/ VA - not just a bunch of random letters! PVP was actually created to give your hair a long lasting style or hold. PVP can hold your hair in place for 24 hours - pairing this with Kaolin means you’ll get long-lasting hold, without the grease that gels and pomades give.

Carnauba Wax - to complete this trio of hard-working ingredients, MattStuff’s Remould Complex includes Carnauba Wax, also known as the hardest natural wax available. This natural wax comes from the leaves of Brazilian Palm Tree and gives a protective layer of moisture for your hair. In other words, Carnauba Wax locks in moisture to your hair to make it look thick, full and healthy. It also makes the product easily remouldable - simply splash a little water onto your hair to reactivate the remould complex and style as you wish for that effortlessly professional style that makes people fix their eyes on your locks.

Regardless of what the day brings: have confidence in your hairstyle. Don’t fall for supermarket brands use stuff with incredible ingredients

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How to Style Your Hair Using MattStuff

Step 1. Let your hair dry naturally or blow-dry, using a hairdryer for extra texture.

Step 2. Apply a pea size amount of MattStuff to your hair.

Step 3. Gently mould your hair into the relaxed style of your choice.

Step 4. Should you wish, simply reactivate MattStuff at any point in the day with a splash of water, then simply remould your style and enjoy the many compliments about your no-fuss ‘do’.

TIP: if you use a pea size amount of MattSuff daily, it should last for 120 days - that’s 3 months!

Check out these MattStuff videos for styling tips from MattStuff Creator, Benjamin Huthwaite:

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Psst… You can buy knowing that a bunch of joyful, Liverpool hairdressers and stylist just did an actual happy dance when you purchased!


  • Holds your style in place. You can undertake vigorous exercise and your style will still hold in place. Look and feel great regardless of what you get up to!
  • Is remouldable. You can remold your hairstyle throughout the day - add a splash of water, shake it up and look the part. Feel confident with your style all day long.
  • Works on different hair styles and types. This matte wax will make any hair type look amazing all day long. So don’t worry whether this is the right wax for you - you can trust that it will suit your hair type and you’ll look great!
  • Not greasy (at all!) attStuff’s Remould Complex contains Kaolin clay which is a natural shampoo and absorbs oils without drying your hair out. You can relax knowing your hair is not oily or greasy, but clean, styled with a texture others cannot resist!
  • Created by barbers. Yep, it’s created by Ben Huthwaite and professionals who are picky, fussy and particular about what products they do or do not like using in the salon. It’s a sure thing, you can trust MattStuff compared to other brands on the market.
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MattStuff comes with a 30-day guarantee.

Buy the product, try it - and if for any reason you don’t like it - you can return it for a full refund.

Just make sure you return your product within 30 days of purchase.

1 x 100ml Matt Stuff £11.95

Premier Offer: 2 x 100ml Matt Stuff £16.95 (Just £8.47 a pot!)

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About Benjamin Huthwaite

Hailed as the man who cuts the hair of Liverpool stars Benjamin Huthwaite has cut the hair of footballers at training grounds and in his popular Liverpool salon. Trained under the cities most famous hairdresser, the late Herbert Howe, Benjamin travelled all over the world for the love of hairdressing. As clients began to ask him for celebrity cuts - the textured, matte look - Huthwaite sought for a product that could create a no-fuss, effortless finish, without looking greasy. MattStuff was born!