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Matt Stuff Revised 12

Avoid The 3 Biggest Pitfalls of Cheap Hair you Don’t Fall Flat with Supermarket Hair Wax (or Damage Your Hair Permanently.)

There are 3 little-known reasons that celebrity footballers choose to opt for a specific salon branded, clay matte hair wax over a supermarket buy...

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Reason 1: Supermarket hair waxes are typically too greasy. Salon brands keep hair healthy.

Back in the 60’s it was considered fashionable to apply grease to your hair… but nowadays it’s important to find a product that keeps hair healthy with a light, natural shine. Getting the balance of shine right is key to looking and feeling confident

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Reason 2: Supermarket hair waxes can often feel heavy. Salon brands are lightweight and remouldable.

When we think about clay, we think about a mushy grey substance that sets into place. But if you buy the right type of clay, it shouldn’t set your hair rock hard. Salon brands are pliable, easy to mould. And… if you are lucky… you might find a product that is remouldable and can be reactivated, restyled - anytime, anywhere.

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Reason 3: Supermarket hair waxes can hold a little. Salon waxes can hold 24-7.

You don’t have to damage your hair completely in order to keep it’s style in place. Don’t dry it out, look for a product that balances good ingredients that work to hold hair in place alongside health-giving natural ingredients that protect your bouncy fro, your straight and short style - or whatever it may be!

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Overcome The 3 Biggest Pitfalls of Cheap and Nasty Hair Products...

Salon-owner, stylist and hairdresser to Liverpool football stars, Ben Huthwaite, sought to overcome these 3 big pitfalls of cheap hair products by creating MattStuff. Professional and affordable, MattStuff has been formulated with a Remold Complex that creates a textured, matte hairstyle, with the ability to hold for 24 hours.

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