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Meet Benjamin Huthwaite. 25 years ago he set out to be the best male hair-stylist Liverpool had to offer. He was determined to style premier league hair.  

And some would argue… he succeeded. With an award-winning flagship men’s salon in Allerton, South Liverpool, Ben has built up a wide-ranging clientele.

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We understand that there are numerous other distributors on the market selling at varying price-ranges. However, we’re confident that Matt Stuff is the best you can get to style yourself throughout the day. We know that you won’t be disappointed.

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OK. So you’ve been buying your hair products from the supermarket since you became a student. (Or maybe your Mum still buys it for you…)  

The point is - professional hair wax comes at a premium. It’s not like the stuff of supermarket shelves. MattStuff is made up of a unique remould complex to make your hair flexible, with great bounce. It’s the hair recipe that footballers choose. With Hydrogenated Caster Oil that keeps your hair thicker and healthier.  

Sure, you can stick to supermarket products. Or you could try out MattStuff 100% risk free. Simply put, when you buy a pot of MattStuff hair wax you will get a 120-day, full-refund, money-back guarantee. So if you use the entire pot and decide it wasn’t good enough… let us know.  

Plus, when you think about it, £11.95 works out less than one large cup of coffee every month for four months.

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What really sets MattStuff apart is its unique ‘remould complex’. This feature, is not available from other products on the market. The ‘remould complex’ not only provides your hair with a slick finish and maximum hold, but also gives your mane the capacity to ‘reactivate’ itself with a splash of water MattStuff lends itself to function with any type of hair and hairstyle due to its pliability.

  • RESHAPE or RE-STYLE your hair with just a splash of water.
  • KEEP your hair in place throughout the day until you decide to change it.
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Here’s the thing: Ben Huthwaite didn’t want to create ‘any old’ hair wax! After years of experience as a hairdresser for Premier League Footballers, Ben sought to make a hair product that met the same standards his football clients were after. One that satisfies a variety of hairstyle. 

Having cut the hair of World Cup footballers, Ben noticed a trend in his highly-rated customers. There was a need for hair wax that lasts longer than others. A hair wax that lasts throughout every training session, matchday routine and awards ceremony. Providing this sought-after maximum hold and versatility was an utmost priority when creating MattStuff.