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Matt Stuff Mens Hair Wax

Matt Stuff Mens Hair Wax MattStuff (Mens Hair Wax)

Matt Stuff Mens Hair Wax MattStuff (Mens Hair Wax)
Matt Stuff Mens Hair Wax

Matt Stuff Mens Hair Wax MattStuff (Mens Hair Wax)

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Mens hair wax

MattStuff is a clay hair wax created for men that want an effortless, textured hairstyle, with a long-lasting hold.

MattStuff was formulated with a unique Remould Complex, making it reworkable and pliable so that you can easily remould and shape your style throughout the day. It’s a product that guarantees to leave you feeling confident with your hair style for 24 hours a day.

MattStuff’s Remould Complex

MattStuff’s Remold Complex creates a non-greasy hairstyle, that holds all day.


Why is MattStuff in a league of its own?

What really sets MattStuff apart is its unique ‘remould complex’. This feature, is not available from other products on the market. The ‘remould complex’ not only provides your hair with a slick finish and maximum hold, but also gives your mane the capacity to ‘reactivate’ itself with a splash of water MattStuff lends itself to function with any type of hair and hairstyle due to its pliability.


The patented MattStuff Remould Complex, was invented by professional hairdresser and salon owner, Benjamin Huthwaite. For years, Benjamin styled the hair of premier league footballers in the city of Liverpool. He realised that most men needed a lightweight product that makes hair healthy (not greasy) and easy to style.

After much research, Huthwaite choose three, key ingredients and birthed his trusted Remould complex for textured, stylish hair.

Remould Complex includes:

  1. Kaolin Clay - this natural clay was first discovered in south-eastern China and can be used in it’s earthy state, as a dry shampoo. This is because kaolin clay is profound when it comes to absorbing excess oils. It removes any grease from your hair and replaces it with a subtle shine so that your hair has an irresistible texture that many will have to resist running their fingers through!
  2. PVP/ VA - not just a bunch of random letters! PVP was actually created to give your hair a long lasting style or hold. PVP can hold your hair in place for 24 hours - pairing this with Kaolin means you’ll get long-lasting hold, without the grease that gels and pomades give.
  3. Carnauba Wax - to complete this trio of hard-working ingredients, MattStuff’s Remould Complex includes Carnauba Wax, also known as the hardest natural wax available. This natural wax comes from the leaves of Brazilian Palm Tree and gives a protective layer of moisture for your hair. In other words, Carnauba Wax locks in moisture to your hair to make it look thick, full and healthy. It also makes the product easily remouldable - simply splash a little water onto your hair to reactivate the remould complex and style as you wish for that effortlessly professional style that makes people fix their eyes on your locks.
Frequently Asked Questions
Would it be effective for fine hair, without weighing it down?

Yes. MattStuff is a lightweight product, with a long-lasting hold. It is not greasy or heavy, yet it manages to keep your hair style in place all day long.

Would this be good for curly hair?

MattStuff would be ideal for curly hair! With curls, you want to style them in such a way that it looks natural, not wet. MattStuff uses a unique combination of 3 key ingredients to give your hair a great non-greasy texture, with a long lasting hold. It will make sure your curls fall in just the right place.

Do you use this after blow-drying or before?

You can put it on wet or dry hair. For a salon-worthy light texture, blow dry it with a hairdryer. If you are in a rush or want a no-fuss, neat hairstyle apply on towel dried hair.

Is this good for long hair?

You can use it on long hair, but best results on short to medium styles.

How long does one tub of MattStuff last?

120 uses, which should cover 3 months.

How much should you use?

Just a pea sized amount will do the trick.

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  • 5 / 5
    2 customer reviews
  • Easy to work with and not sticky like some other products I have tried

    Eric Bathgate, United Kingdom
  • 100% worth it. 100% worth it. Much better product than you can get on the high street. Lasts all day with a professional look and feel.

    Josh Liverpool
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MattStuff (Mens Hair Wax)
Matt Stuff Mens Hair Wax