Why conceal when you can heal?

Welcome, a new addition to the Jersey Beauty family! Science of Skin is a product range containing a remarkable ECGC formula to fade acne scars, old surgery wounds and stretch marks...

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Which Science of Skin Product Should I Use First?

Solution for Stretch Marks

Stretch mark busting formulation.

Solution for Bites

Fast, soothing relief from bites

'Better Together' Hand & Lip Duo

hydrate, soothe and nourish sore lips and hands


I would definitely recommend investing in this if you suffer form bad scarring and are still repeatedly getting hoards of new spots; a little amount goes a long way and the results are clear after such a short amount of time.

— Loulabelle Rose

We have only ever had this result from a cream that cost a staggering £335. This is well worth £40

— Sunday Mirror Notebook Magazine

The redness is fading particularly at the scar ends and the skin is becoming much smoother.

— Louise

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