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Coconut Oil is more than a trendy beauty buzzword.

Not only is it used in numerous beauty products on the market, it’s natural advantages speak for themselves. Antibacterial and antifungal, coconut oil penetrates hair and skin better than other natural oils so you can be sure to really reap the rewards from it’s hydrating benefits.

So when we heard about CocoRoo - an Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil skincare brand - we knew we had to get involved and be the first, official UK stockist to offer you their moisturising lotions and scrubs!

The founders of CocoRoo (who hail from Australia, hence the name) have carefully selected ingredients from the finest sustainable sources, after years of living in the Australian sun inspired them to create a truly remarkable line of organic lotions and scrubs.

The founders of CocoRoo (who hail from Australia, hence the name) have carefully selected ingredients from the finest sustainable sources, after years of living in the Australian sun inspired them to create a truly remarkable line of organic lotions and scrubs.

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1. The Cold-Pressed Difference

CocoRoo tells us that what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in our body. You wouldn’t choose to eat a product naturally loaded with toxins and nasties, so why would you wear one? Cold-Pressed Oils are far superior to refined oils as they preserve all of those natural nutrients and antioxidants that are the things we want to furnish our skin with.

CocoRoo only use Organic, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil and other Cold-Pressed ingredients like Macadamia Nut Oil so you can be sure there are no bleached, refined or deodorised ingredients taking the goodness out of your skin. Cold-Pressed ingredients lock in the hydration, protect the skin and replenish it with a fantastic dose of natural antioxidants. Which leads us to…

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2. Organic Ingredients Loaded with Nutrients and Antioxidants

CocoRoo began from a desire to find a better way to treat your skin. Frustrated with the added chemicals and unnecessary parabens in most lotions, a mother named Jill used her passion for natural and organic products to create cleaner skincare. Jill lived in Australia, where the sun is hard on your skin. She wanted to develop something she could feel confident using on her young daughter and, as a result, founded CocoRoo.

Jill carefully selected what went into the lotions and scrubs over a period of time. She chose Coconut Oil because it is edible and has one of the richest sources of Lauric Acid which retains moisture and penetrates deeper within the skin’s layers.

Macadamia Nut Oil, rich in essential fatty acids added more wonderful benefits as well as absorbing easier without a greasy feel. It mimics the skin’s natural oils allowing us to maintain a healthy glow. Organic Peppermint Oil formed the basis of the Mint Condition lotion and Organic Lavender Oil formed the foundation Lost in Lavender.

Each individual CocoRoo product has just three or four ingredients, all natural, all organic, all you need to keep skin healthy and glowing. None of the products are tested on animals so you can guarantee they are a product to add to the #CleanBeauty revolution.

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A Range Devised To Offer You What You Want

Whether it’s the soothing aromatherapy benefits of Organic Lavender Oil with its ability to eliminate nervous tension and calm or the Organic Peppermint Oil and Natural Menthol offering antiseptic and antimicrobial properties whilst cooling and reviving, there’s a CocoRoo to suit you.

Maybe you’re looking for an organic moisturising lotion that’s naturally unscented and fragrance free or a coffee scrub that rejuvenates and uses caffeine to target suspect areas of concern such as cellulite or stretch marks.

We should mention here that the CocoRoo products do contain nut oils and shouldn’t be used by those allergic to nuts, but for those that can, they can all be applied to face AND body with confidence. If you’re fed up of using multiple products and are looking for a natural alternative and take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to skincare then CocoRoo is for you.

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Naturally Naked Organic Coconut Oil Moisturizing Lotion

236ml: £8.00

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4. They’re Easy-Peasy To Use

Like every part of you body, skin responds to care and attention. CocoRoo’s motto is to, ‘Love your body, Heal your Soul’. Every product starts with a ‘G’day mate’ on the label, not only because they came from an idea born in Australia, but because the products are SO GOOD they’ll probably make you have a good day after use - thanks to their naturally enhancing glow and easy to use appeal.

The main ingredient in CocoRoo lotions is pure, organic cold-pressed coconut oil. Pure coconut oil is temperature sensitive and CocoRoo DO NOT use any of the harsh and harmful chemicals many other lotions add to prevent it from hardening in colder temperatures. If your CocoRoo is solid, simply run the bottle under a warm water tap or immerse in a warm water bath. The tube will warm up in 30-60 seconds and then your product will be an oil-like consistency - perfect for application. You can quickly harden the oil by putting your CocoRoo oil in the fridge for a bit. With the coffee scrub, you can use as much as you like - for best results leave on skin for five minutes!

As mentioned, all four products can be used on both face and body so treat yourself to an at home face scrub one night and a moisture infused massage the next night. They fit into your beauty routine with such ease and we know you’ll love this fact.

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5. The Range Features An Amazing Coffee Scrub Too!

Caffeine does more than wake you up after your morning cappuccino. It’s known to have many amazing benefits for the skin also. It constricts blood vessels which reduce redness. This means it’s an ideal treatment for flushed complexions and those who suffer from Rosacea.

Not only does it produce this effect but it’s also pretty well documented that caffeine works as a diuretic, aiding in circulation. It increases blood flow which may reduce the appearance of cellulite or give the skin a more even tone.

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There are plenty of coffee scrubs around but this one features Organic Arabica Coffee Beans packed full of naturally powerful antioxidants which can target cellulite, eczema, stretch marks and other skin conditions. It’s infused with Cold-Pressed Sweet Almond Oil which is made up of both Vitamins A and E and will work to keep your skin cells healthy, protected from damage and smooth and soften fine line. The fatty acids within Sweet Almond Oil also help to retain moisture and heal dry, irritated skin (which is why it’s great for eczema sufferers).

Brought together with the Organic Coconut Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil you have a scrub that will exfoliate, energise and rejuvenate as well as hydrate, soothe and heal. We know that other products on the market don’t provide this level of benefits so CocoRoo is a natural choice for a coffee scrub that’s loaded with real, working benefits.

The functional benefits of the sustainably sourced ingredients far outweigh other coconut oil products around. We know that everyone’s skin is unique so it’s important to find the right product to suit your skin type. We also know that CocoRoo will address many skin concerns we’re queried on so we hope you’re as happy to welcome the brand to the Jersey site as we are.

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Your order comes wrapped in tissue paper and packaged with 100% biodegradable popcorn…

Since most plastics don’t biodegrade and manufacturing can cause pollution, we opted for a environmentally friendly packaging material to keep your order safe… POPCORN! It’s fun, 100% biodegradable and small enough to keep Dermalogica products really tight and secure. Don’t worry - the popcorn is free from sugary syrups so your parcel is nice and clean! One easy way to do your bit for the planet…

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You can return your order within 30 days for a refund

If you order a full size product and you are not happy with it, you can send it back to our warehouse for a refund! Simply put, you have nothing to lose when you shop from us. Even if you try the product and decide it’s not the one for Happy Remarkable You.. we’ll refund! Just make sure you send any bottles you don’t want, back to us so that we can give you your money back.