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Guinot Éclat Beauté Beauty Radiance Set

Guinot Éclat Beauté Beauty Radiance

Guinot Éclat Beauté Beauty Radiance Set

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Guinot Éclat Beauté is all about skin radiance. The set contains 3 products designed specifically to help you achieve that healthy radiant glow.

Set contains:

  • Beauté Neuve 50ml - Radiance boosting face cream (Retail Value £81)

  • Masque Dynamisant 15ml - Energising mask for tired skin (Retail Value £12.60)

  • Mini-Lift Éclat Ampoule 1ml - Beauty flash in a bottle that firms and brightens skin (Retail Value £8.50)

What is Creme Beaute Neuve?

Creme Beaute Neuve gently whisks away any old, dull or dry skin cells on the epidermis (outer layer) of your skin. It simultaneously nourishes new skin cells with a protective, balmy layer of vitamins and goodness. Skin appears healthy-looking and refreshed.

Will Creme Beaute Neuve suit my skin type?

Creme Beaute Neuve is suitable for all skin types in all seasons: it's a real all-rounder! Radiance is often masked by dead, dull or dry skin cells that skin on the surface of our skin. Beauté Neuve face cream gently whisks away these radiance blocking cells to reveal new and beautifully radiant skin cells that were just waiting underneath ready to give your face that glow you have been waiting for.

What super-spectacular skin health ingredients does it include?

The Vitamin C in Creme Beaute Neuve is amazing! It has a peeling effect on the skin, gently eliminating any dead skin cells. At the same time it feeds skin with firming and smoothing sustenance to promote a healthy, blemish-free glow.

Vitamin A is another super-duper ingredient that promotes cellular regeneration which means new cells will be encouraged to develop abolishing dull-looking skin for good!

Creme Beaute Neuve also contains biopeptides which encourage denser skin and soft focus powders: smooth skin texture- youthful look.

What is Masque Dynamisant?

Masque Dynamisant is an anti-fatigue mask to help your skin recover after a tiring week or a late night. Take 5 minutes to chill with Masque Dynamisant and your skin will definitely thank you! Masque Dynamisant works (while you relax) to renew the skin's radiance, it tones, brightens and moisturises thanks to the active ingredients of Essential Oils, super clever hydration components (Hydrocyte, and AHA Complex).

What is Mini-Lift Eclat?

This is quite literally a little instant beauty flash in a bottle that will firm, smooth and brighten the skin. You pop the serum on just before you apply your make-up. Not only does it brighten your skin but it gives your skin a temporary tighten and holds your make-up in place.

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