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Guinot Eclat Beaute Gift Set 01
Guinot Eclat Beaute Gift Set 06

Sit down with a cuppa and take 5 minutes to read all about the latest Guinot free gift.

You won’t want to miss getting your hands on one of these, I promise!

The free gift is a Guinot Éclat Beauté gift set. You are probably wondering what why this free gift is too good to miss, well let me explain…..

Guinot Éclat Beauté is all about radiance. Radiant skin means your skin looks happy and healthy and has a natural glow. Who wouldn’t want that hey?

So how does Éclat Beauté help with radiance?

Here is the lowdown on what’s in Éclat Beauté gift set:

Guinot Eclat Beaute Gift Set 04

Face cream - a 50ml pot of Beauté Neuve

‘Beauté Neuve' translated, means 'new beauty'. This beautiful daily use face cream is all about the new and radiant skin cells that are revealed after you use this gorgeous cream.

We all have the potential to have radiant and glowing skin - yes we do!

The problem is, this radiance is often masked by dead, dull or dry skin cells that skin on the surface of our skin. Beauté Neuve face cream gently whisks away these radiance blocking cells to reveal new and beautifully radiant skin cells that were just waiting underneath ready to give your face that glow you have been waiting for.

Not only that but it simultaneously nourishes the new skin cells with a protective, balmy layer of vitamin A and C goodness.

Your skin will appear healthy-looking and refreshed.

This clever cream also contains biopeptides which encourage denser skin and soft focus powders: smooth skin texture- youthful look.

Guinot Eclat Beaute Gift Set 03

Anti-fatigue mask - Masque Dynamisant 15ml

Ever had a busy weekend with a couple of late nights? If your skin is anything like mine, it’s all but glowing after a late night!

The good news is, Guinot have created a mask just for those occasions. Masque Dynamisant is an anti-fatigue mask to help your skin recover after a tiring week or a late night. Take 5 minutes to chill with Masque Dynamisant and your skin will definitely thank you! Masque Dynamisant works (while you relax) to renew the skin's radiance, it tones, brightens and moisturises thanks to the active ingredients of Essential Oils, super clever hydration components (Hydrocyte, and AHA Complex).

Guinot Eclat Beaute Gift Set 02

Mini-Lift Éclat Ampoule

This is quite literally a little instant beauty flash in a bottle that will firm, smooth and brighten the skin.

You pop the serum on just before you apply your make-up. Not only does it brighten your skin but it gives your skin a temporary tighten and holds your make-up in place.

It’s like your fairy godmother in a bottle!

Guinot Eclat Beaute Gift Set 05

The fabulous thing about this offer is that all you have to do is stock up on your Guinot favorites whilst spending £150 and we will automatically pop an Éclat Beauté gift set in with your order!

Worth £100, this set is sure to WOW the receiver or between you and me, you could just keep it for yourself sssshhhhhh!]