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Free Firming and Hydrating AGE Smart Trio!

Spend £65 on Dermalogica and get a free Age Smart trio that will firm, hydrate and smooth away signs of ageing

AGE Smart Trio contains: Antioxidant Hydramist 30ml, Nightly Lip Treatment 4ml, Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque 15ml

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New to Jersey?

Claim your 6 Free Samples Now and find the perfect product for your skin type.

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Your eyes never stop moving!

Give your eyes a boost with Dermalogica’s brand new supercharged vitamin C serum, Biolumin C eye serum, designed specifically for the delicate skin around your eyes

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A quick Jersey tour of the Dermalogica Active Clearing range

The Active Clearing range has been designed to target the key factors that contribute to breakouts while addressing the unique needs of adult breakout-prone skin. Breakout-prone adult skin tends to experience slow cell turnover, slow healing times and increased sensitivity.

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Which eye cream should I choose?

Earlier this year, we saw the exciting release of the NEW Biolumin C eye serum. This supercharged vitamin C serum is designed to give your eyes a boost and the clinical trials have shown just that! People using Biolumin C eye serum saw a huge improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation that often appear on the delicate skin around the eyes.

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Is Dry Skin a Sign of Ageing Skin?

We want to put the focus on your dry skin - not just on your face, but also on your body.

What is dry skin and why do you get it? Does it have an effect on how your skin ages? How can you treat your dry skin? And will that make you look younger?

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Ageing the smart way - Discover Dermalogica’s Age Smart Range

Skincare products specially formulated for ageing skin have become more and more popular. Why is it that we need different products as we age?

As your skin ages the structure of your skin changes and this can cause changes to how your skin looks. So how can you best take care of your ageing skin? Your skin changes naturally and we embrace those natural skin changes. But we also want to keep our skin healthy at every age.

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How does Brexit affect my Jersey Beauty Order?

The UK has left the EU as of 31st January 2020. For our European customers, outside of the UK, Brexit will not change your Jersey shopping experience. Changes, if any will not take effect until after December 2020. Even then, the changes are unknown. As soon as we have any updates, we will let all our lovely customers know. The good news is you can continue shopping as normal and receiving your happy parcels in the usual way.

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Why Dermalogica’s Precleanse Balm Cleanser is suitable for menopausal skin

At Jersey Beauty Company we love double cleansing so we love Dermalogica’s Precleanse Balm.

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Staff Pick Of The Week

This week, it's Michelles turn to share with all you lovely Jersey customers, her pick of the week.

Here’s Michelle with his favourite product and why this is his pick of the week.

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The soap that’s Friendly in more ways than one!

Friendly soaps are perfect for introducing simple everyday swaps that are more friendly towards the environment. Within their collections you will find shampoo bars, conditioning bars, cleansing bars, travel bars and shaving bars. There really is a soap to suit everyone and they truly are friendly!

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Why I Now Use Biolumin-C Serum

Before I started at Jersey Beauty, my skincare regime was minimal. Yes, minimal!

Genes and youth had allowed me to glide through my 20s and most of my 30s with pretty good skin. Two things then happened.

I was inching closer to my 40s as opposed to my 30s (and let’s face it, my minimal skin care regime wasn’t going to cut it anymore) and I started at Jersey Beauty….