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Charlotte T

I recently moved city and my skin has never been worse..I have always had breakouts but recently had an alarming amount. 4 months of trying numerous products (including really expensive!) and this is BY FAR the BEST and only one that has worked!!! I don't have particularly oily skin so was worried this would make my skin dry - it doesn't. It doesn't sting. You actually feel nothing putting whilst applying or afterwards - what you do see is fast results. Blemishes disappear in a day or two and before it disappears it will look visibly better and little inflammation. I think it has also reduced the number of new blemishes I am getting.....I hope this continues to work forever! Thank you Evolve was another brilliant product.

Jessica M

I’m an absolute skincare geek and I’ve fallen in love with this product. I had persistent pimples due to exercise and city living and nothing would shift them. After using this serum after a week my skin was a lot clearer and a month on I’ve gone a full week with no new spots which is an absolute revelation. I’ve also seen a reduction in blackheads around my nose. Can’t recommend highly enough, I’ll definitely be investing in other products from the skincare range.

Kasia -

I cannot find words to explain how much I love this product! It's the best serum I have ever had. I must say it outgrew my expectations! I have no new spots since I have been using it together with papaya facial wash. I have really problematic skin with hormonal blemishes and flaky on cheeks. LOOKS GOOD UNDER MAKE UP TOO! Just put a moisturiser or a primer over it. This is must have for acne-prone skin! Thank you Evolve!

Natalie J

I got this as a sample and I had no intention of actually buying it because my skin isn't that bad but after a week of using this stuff morning and night after cleansing, I genuinely cannot believe the difference! My skin has never been this clear! I never wore heavy foundation anyway but used to just go out with a bit here and there and some concealer but I don't feel the need now! I'm utterly hooked and am buying the big bottle of it! It smells nice, it sinks in quickly so I can put my moisturiser on top - totally converted! Thank you evolve beauty! This is a real winner!

Fran -

I was skeptical when I first received this as a sample but it works! My skin is much clearer and if a blemish does pop up it is quickly calmed and disappears in no time. I have purchased a bottle and am really pleased with it. You only need a tiny amount as it smooths easily into the skin and is absorbed immediately, so no greasy layer to float your make up.

Caroline K

I received a little sample pot of this with an order I placed. Due to an unexpected addition to my face one morning (spot!!!) I quickly applied some of this serum in the hopes it would be as good as Evolve's other products and do the trick. The volcano-like blemish was heading for an eruption but soon calmed down after a couple of applications...I was impressed...well done Evolve! Brilliant result.

Babs G

This has got to be one of the best serums I have ever used. I made the foolish mistake of running out and in the 4 days that it took to get my new supply delivered I really noticed the difference on my skin. Would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Sarah M

This is my favourite Evolve product. It smells lovely and is really refreshing on my skin. I've been using it for about 2 months and my skin is the clearest it's been in years! I have acne-prone skin but this serum not only treats any spots I already have, it keeps them at bay as well. I use it with the true balance lotion and my skin stays matte and clear. I was using it in the morning and evening but now my skin is clearer I only use it in the evening as I find it can be a little bit drying at times (that might be the cold weather as well though). Well worth the price and double bonus of being eco friendly and vegan!

Holly S

I tried this as a sample and had to have it! I use this as a targeted spot treatment before the Evolve Hylauronic Acid Serum and they are a match made in heaven. I have tried to use it all over my face but I have combination skin so it can be a bit drying in some areas, but as a targeted treatment on problem areas, it is the best product I have tried! It smells lovely and is really effective at calming any hormonal breakouts I have along my jawline.