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Kerryn P

I can´t exactly explain what this product does, but I know my skin quite literally glows after I have used it. This is my favourite mask out of the brand. I have super reactive skin, so exfoliating is a nightmare for me, and the first time I tried this, out of panic, I washed it off straight away. No reaction. The next time I used it, I carefully massaged the product in for a while, using the physical exfoliation, and then let it sit for another 7-8 mins. When I rinsed it off, it turns into the creamy texture. My jaw honestly dropped when I saw the result, bright, healthy and hydrated looking and feeling skin. You can do the smile test to feel if your skin is tight after, and its not. Just plump and soft. I have never had that before with any exfoliating product. I still don´t fully understand how it works, but this does something so wonderful, for the skin, and I love how now I can literally smoosh this all over my face without concern of reaction and know exactly how the result will be, which is a dream situation for people with sensitive skin. I cannot be without this product. I would highly recommend!

Rachael -

The Radiant Glow Mask is by far the best face mask I have ever used. My skin is very sensitive but also acne prone and very oily so it is hard to find a mask that suits. After using the mask, any redness or irritation on my face is visibly reduced (this includes my spots!). I also find it helps balance the oil on my face. Plus it smells like a dessert, which is delightful.

Deborah -

This mask is absolutely amazing! Apart from wanting to eat it as it smells soooo good! It really does give a lovely glow to the skin afterwards and that glow lasts, I'm so impressed with this product and that its all natural, it's worth every penny! It's my first buy from Evolve but I will now definitely buy more products after seeing the results of this mask, highly impressed, highly recommended.

Hannah -

This mask is now the only one I use on my easily irritated skin; it seems to clear up my skin beautifully without any irritation or abrasiveness from the blueberry seeds, my skin always feels soft and calmer after using it. The only hang up is that the texture is very thick, and thus quite hard to apply evenly to the face. The results are worth it though!

Gossfields -

This is one of my all time favourite products! Whenever I've been lazy with my skin, or it's looking tired, grey, dry but oily, a little hormonal - this is what I reach for. It leaves my skin super soft, smooth, and radiant. Full of youth. I always get comments on my skin after using this. I love it. This is going to be part of my wedding skincare prep! A forever favourite. x

AnneMarie -

I saw Deliciously Ella use this face mask/exfoliator on her Instagram. I went to the Evolve website and bought the Hyaluronic Acid serum as I had been wanting to start using this for post 40 wrinkles plumping! Then I saw you get 3 free samples with every purchase - so I picked the Radiant Glow mask as one of my samples. I used it on day 2 of my period when I was looking and feeling like crap. I CANNOT put into words how different my skin looked after it. At 43, and skin obsessed, I have probably tried in excess of 40 face masks in my time, and nothing has ever produced such instant and incredible improvements. Once it's been on, you then rub it in like an exfoliator, which is so good, and then wash off to see your new face! I have now ordered the duo pack of full size face masks of the Radiant Glow and the Miracle mask as it worked out so cheap compared to buying both separately. I had recently been looking into expensive salon treatments, but I honestly think that if I use these 2 masks and the hyaluronic serum every week, the results are going to be amazing, if it was that good after one go! It will be the best £24 you spend this week if you try it. I am buzzing I found it (in case you can't tell!)

Giulia -

This mask has a funny texture, it is sticky and grainy but - wow! It smells like warm chocolate and is wonderful to have on. It does not dry and feels like a real treat for the skin. You can either rinse it off or dampen the skin and massage it for a minute for a deep exfoliating effect. It leaves my skin feeling amazingly supple, hydrated, and pampered! I have bought it several times already and have gifted samples to my friends to try. Love it!!

Connah -

I absolutely love this mask, it smells incredible and very indulgent. It’s gentle and buffs off that top layer of dead top skin, which is great if your used to using acid toners too! I like to also mix a tiny amount with my cream cleanser if I’m in a hurry, which turns it into a gentle exfoliant that smells like heaven. Easily recommend!

Patricia -

Just loved yhis