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Kerryn P

I can´t exactly explain what this product does, but I know my skin quite literally glows after I have used it. This is my favourite mask out of the brand. I have super reactive skin, so exfoliating is a nightmare for me, and the first time I tried this, out of panic, I washed it off straight away. No reaction. The next time I used it, I carefully massaged the product in for a while, using the physical exfoliation, and then let it sit for another 7-8 mins. When I rinsed it off, it turns into the creamy texture. My jaw honestly dropped when I saw the result, bright, healthy and hydrated looking and feeling skin. You can do the smile test to feel if your skin is tight after, and its not. Just plump and soft. I have never had that before with any exfoliating product. I still don´t fully understand how it works, but this does something so wonderful, for the skin, and I love how now I can literally smoosh this all over my face without concern of reaction and know exactly how the result will be, which is a dream situation for people with sensitive skin. I cannot be without this product. I would highly recommend!