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Jess -

I use this a few times a week and it really peps my skin up! My skin feels fresh yet hydrated. Lovely product that I will buy again.

Heather B

This mask is so refreshing. It smells divine and left my face radiant and a little less frazzled. I feel like my skin reflects my age again. Hooray.

Sneahmoyee -

I have tried Evolve's shampoo range and gave this mask try as I wanted something to work for my dull and dehydrated skin...I totally love this and would recommend it to anyone who's looking for stuff that works!

Klaudia -

Great mask if you want a good peel without any rash. The mask has a very neutral colour and after application is not visible.

Marcella -

I adore facial masks and this product is utterly fabulous. I only recently found this brand and I am so delighted with their products. Rather addictively! I highly recommend. Enjoy!

Emma -

I was lucky enough to try this at a pop-up facial Evolve offered in-store and loved it! I have used it twice at home now and it totally revives and replenishes my skin. You can actually feel those AHA's working. The smell is divine too :)

Anne -

I love this mask, it’s so easy to use that I pop it on face and neck after cleansing two or three times a week. I’m not aware of it when on, it’s not messy and I usually just wash it off. My skin afterwards feels beautifully smooth and moisturised. I alternate with the amazing chocolate mask - a duo that gives me a beautiful complexion.

Ffeon -

I've tried many exfoliators from different brands (I used to work in a high-end skincare store) and they are almost always drying or irritate my skin. I tried a sample of this while unaware of the ingredients, afterwards my skin was so smooth and hydrated I had to check them and to my surprise, it contains exfoliating acids. I'll definitely buy the full size as I have never experienced such a gentle exfoliating product on my skin. By the way, it also feels very refreshing and moisturizing to apply. It is perfect for in the morning, there was no stingy feeling or redness and my foundation went on like a dream!

Giulia -

I love this mask, I have bought it several times, and gifted it to friends and family. It is simply miraculous! In just a few minutes, it tightens and brightens up the skin, leaving it hydrating and not dry/itchy at all like other AHA masks I tried in the past. If it dries and is ready to be rinsed off but I want to prolong the effect, I spray a bit of moisture mist on my face to make it wet again. Another great product that I absolutely love!