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Sarah H

Was a bit underwhelmed at first then after reading reviews decided to persevere. It has soothed and calmed my menopausal acne and my skin tone has improved greatly. Use in conjunction with a glycolic lotion from another range. Thank you evolve for such a good product. Balances skin perfectly and adds hydration without blocking pores.

Felicity P

I loved this product, I used it on a freshly cleaned face, but I also used it as a face spritzer throughout the day, when having tropical moments, and loved this product. There was no sensitivity at all, sometimes I do react to products, but this was delightful, cooling, refreshing, and would definitely repurchase, facial spritzers are a new line to me, and something I would never have considered, but now can never see myself, doing without, try it I'm sure you will love it like me.

Jane -

I was not sure this was doing much the first few times I used it. Yes, it was the best moisture mist I had come across and did what it claimed - I'd tried a few over the years which only ever seemed to dry my skin out. However, it wasn't until several weeks of use that I really noticed the difference. My skin just looked calm, clear, and fresher than it had in a long while. I have used this on its own during the warm summer weather and layered it over other Evolve serums and beneath the Daily Renew Cream. Like other reviewers, I have also used it over makeup and the travel size is great for the handbag. It's such a versatile little gem and now a staple for me. It does not irritate my sensitive skin and has helped eradicate the seb-derm that was set up by a reaction to a high-end product two years ago. Thank you Evolve!

Gulia -

I tried this product as part of a bundle, thinking that I wouldn't actually need a moisturizing mist as I already use hyaluronic serum and face cream. But I discovered that this mist is actually amazing! It provides just that little bit of extra moisture during the day and is great to use before applying the miracle mask or my favorite face cream. My family loves it too. It has a very faint smell and is easily absorbed. It has become one of my favorite skin products :)

Tilly B

I think a lot of makeup artists and bloggers are going to find this very exciting especially because it's ideal for all skin types. It's so fresh and refreshing as a mist after make up application. The pear and moringa combination is lovely. It has renewed my love for Evolve. I really can't wait to get my hands on your 100ml bottle. I used it on a make up client the other day and she loved it. I'm almost tempted to become a salesperson lol -seriously well done to whoever did all that research into this product!!!

Cheryl A

What a gorgeous product! I used this directly after cleansing, and also as a spritz during the day and in both cases, I was impressed at how quickly the product refreshed and soothed my skin. It's light and fresh but really feels like it makes a difference. My skin feels less irritated, calmer and I have people telling me I look less tired - a cheeky but welcome comment! Thoroughly recommend this :-)

Gina C

I love this product. I have oily skin and therefore don't like using too much moisturiser on my face. This is a wonderful alternative. Keeps my skin firm, the spots away, and dries beautifully to give me a nice glow. I use it after the gentle cleansing melt! Good combo.

Walks97 -

I spend a lot of time outdoors at the weekend getting some fresh air and usually this time of year suffer from dry itchy skin... I haven’t been strict with daily use, but I have made sure I have used this before I spend time outside and have noticed a very positive effect.. my cheeks and nose are no longer dry and itchy. It’s not sticky or greasy, it’s like a little wake up refresh and protect for my skin. I recently tried it when feeling tired and it because it smells lovely too, it was a nice boost to finish some pesky paperwork.. Have been converted to an Evolve fan and this little bottle of ‘magic’ is just another reinforcement that the products are made with care and attention. Thank you Evolve.