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Everything You Need To Know About Sensitive Skin Header 02

The Basics

  • Your skin goes through a lot.
  • On a daily basis, it is put to the test. It’s exposed to weather conditions. The environment.
  • When you think of your skin as an organ, you can start to see how hard it works!
  • Every individual person’s skin is fundamentally delicate.
  • Your skin is a defensive organ after all - it’s constantly working to keep the good stuff in, and stop the bad stuff getting in. That’s a pretty epic job your skin has!
  • So it’s only natural that at times your skin might struggle and feel sensitive. This happens to some of us more often than others.
  • We all know what it’s like to have sensitised skin but few of us really know how to best treat our sensitive skin.
  • We want to go back to the basics of sensitive skin to fully understand what’s going on when we have flare ups so we can best know what our skin really needs.
  • At JBC we aren't interested in quick fix cover ups for sensitive skin. Too often we’ve seen beauty companies heaping shame and stigma on people with sensitive skin, that might look sore or painful, telling them how they can make their skin look normal again. We want your skin to be healthy.
  • That means understanding the root cause of the sensitivity and how to treat your skin for lasting skin health. So you can be the happy, healthy, remarkable you, and love the skin you’re in!
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What is sensitive skin?

You are more complex that marketers would have you believe. Sensitive skin is not straightforward, to be honest it’s not really a skin ‘type!’ it doesn’t fit neatly into a box. You don’t fit neatly into a box! Although every skin is unique and different, we can see some common features. As you start to understand how your skin works, and what might make it sensitive, you can see what the right treatment is for you.