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Donna May London Makeup Remover Cloths x3 Set

Eco-friendly and reusable, these makeup remover cloths now come in a handy set of 3.

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eco friendly beauty accessoriesMakeup Remover Cloths x3 Set


Remove makeup easily with just water, no need for No more chemicals, mass of plastic bottles or wipes needed - thus reducing waste. This set of 3 means you can have one in the wash, one on the go and one waiting in the wings.

Ideal for all skin types, the cloth is made with special microfibres making it easy to life makeup from the skin with the natural cleansing action and water. Each cloth is beautifully embroidered with the iconic red lip and comes with a hand mesh pouch for washing, sorting and traveling.

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Makeup Remover Cloths x3 Set
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