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Ultracalming Cleanser 1a
UltraCalming Cleanser
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Jersey C Is this good for acne prone and combination skin ?
Jersey Beauty Company  Yes, you may like this cleanser or Special Cleansing Gel.
Jersey C Is this product suitable for rosacea?
Jersey Beauty Company  Only a doctor can treat and diagnose Rosacea. That being said, our Ultra Calming products may help with the symptoms associated with Rosacea. Like redness, irritation, etc. 
Jersey C How long should it take to start seeing results?.
Jersey Beauty Company  Everyone is different. It is important to be patient and persistent with the products. Be sure to use it morning and night for best results.
Jersey C Do you apply this product on dry or wet skin?
Jersey Beauty Company  You can use this on wet or dry skin. It is your preference.
Jersey C Is the cleanser oil-free?
Jersey Beauty Company Ultra Calming Cleanser has botanical oils that soothe the skin. They are not heavy, pore clogging oils.
Jersey C What is the pH of this cleanser?
Jersey Beauty Company All of our cleansers are pH balanced to the skin. So they will fall into 4-6 range.
Jersey C Can this cleanser be used for males and females?
Jersey Beauty Company Men and women can use all of our products.