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Solar Defense Booster
Solar Defense Booster SPF50
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Jersey C What is the actual SPF in the final product when this booster is used to dilute a regular cream 1:1?
Jersey Beauty Company When mixed in equal parts, it provides an SPF of 30.
Jersey C Is this product okay to use on break out prone skin?
Jersey Beauty Company Solar Defence Booster SPF 50 can be used by all skin types. Please use it with an oil free moisturiser like Active
Jersey C Does the solar defence booster spf50 have adequate hydrating/moisturising properties?
Jersey Beauty Company You can and should mix Solar Defence Booster SPF with your favourite moisturiser. If you are dry, you might prefer to mix it with Skin Smoothing Cream or Intensive Moisture Balance.
Jersey C Is solar defence booster oil free?
Jersey Beauty Company f you prefer an oil free moisturiser, you might prefer Oil Free Matte SPF 30.
Jersey C Should make up remover be used at night to remove?
Jersey Beauty Company  You can double cleanse at night for the cleanest skin.
Jersey C would this product be recommended for sensitive skin/rosacea?
Jersey Beauty Company If you have sensitive skin, you may prefer Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30.
Jersey C Can this be used around the eye area?
Jersey Beauty Company Please try Total Eye Care SPF 15 for the eyes
Jersey C how much of this do you mix with moisturiser?
Jersey Beauty Company  Mix equal parts of SPF and moisturiser.
Jersey C If after mixing the SPF 50 with a daily moisturiser, can foundation be applied over the top?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, you an apply foundation on top of that mixture.
Jersey C Can this be used this if pregnant?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, this is safe to use during pregnancy.