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Skin Hydrating Booster
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Jersey C Just wanted to know which of the 2 is most effective - barrier defense booster or skin hydrating booster? I have normal to dry skin(cheeks and forehead being the dry areas)
Jersey Beauty Company Barrier Defense Booster is part of the Ultracalming range and perfect for calming sensitive skin and redness. Skin Hydrating Booster is great to add that much need hydration back into the skin to help revitalise and restore the barrier layer and smooth any fine lines.
Jersey C Can I add a booster to my moisturiser?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, adding a little booster to your daily mosituriser is a great way of adding extra hydration or soothing irritated skin. 
Jersey C Is this booster recommended for oily skin
Jersey Beauty Company  Yes. All skin types and conditions can benefit from hydration.
Jersey C Is phyto oil or the hydrating booster best for very dry skin?
Jersey Beauty Company For best results, try Skin Hydrating Booster under Phyto Replenish Oil.
Jersey C Is this skin hydration booster free of chemical and suitable for very sensitive combination skin?
Jersey Beauty Company As long as you are not allergic to the ingredients, the product will not irritate the skin.
Jersey C Is this product used am/pm or both?
Jersey Beauty Company You can use it morning and night.
Jersey C Is this product suitable for acne-prone skin and if it's okay to just use in certain areas or if it is meant to be used all over the face?
Jersey Beauty Company You can layer it under the moisturiser like a serum (pat it all over the face of just in the desired areas) or mix it into your moisturiser. It is suitable for acne skin.
Jersey C Can this be used under or over C-12 pure bright serum?
Jersey Beauty Company use Skin Hydrating Booster first and follow with C 12 Pure Bright Serum.
Jersey C Can this be used with the overnight repair serum?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, this may be layered under Overnight Repair Serum.