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Sheer Tint Medium spf20
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Jersey C How do I know what shade will suit me best?
Jersey Beauty Company If you are unsure what shade will be best for you, order some samples first to try before buying full size.
Jersey C Is this ok to use if you have dry skin ?
Jersey Beauty Company Sheer tint is great for all skin types, but if you feel you need extra hydration you could apply something like the Skin Hydrating Booster before applying the Sheer Tint.
Jersey C Does this product have UVA and UVB protection? Or just UVB?
Jersey Beauty Company All of Dermalogica's SPFs offer broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.
Jersey C Is the sheer tint formula oil free
Jersey Beauty Company This product has high quality botanical oils, from ingredients like lavender to nourish the skin.
Jersey C Can this be used with skinperfect primer spf30?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, they can be used together.
Jersey C Does this product contain animal derivative ingredients and if so what are they?
Jersey Beauty Company This product contains crushed pearl powder.
Jersey C Which shade of sheer tint is closest to the shade of skin perfect primer?
Jersey Beauty Company Medium would be the closest shade to Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30. However, I personally use Sheer Tint Light and Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30. It depends on your skin since Skin Perfect Primer has a lot of range.
Jersey C Is this a moisturiser or a primer?
Jersey Beauty Company This is a wash of colour with SPF. For best results, you should use it on top of your preferred moisturiser. It can be your last step in skin care and first step in makeup, like a primer step.
Jersey C I have acne prone skin. Can I use the sheer tint spf 20? If not, which would be the most suitable 'spf + tint' product for acne prone skin?
Jersey Beauty Company  Dermalogica. Sheer Tint SPF 20 is for all skin types. Therefore, you can use it if you have acne. It provides light weight, build-able coverage.