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Retinol Clearing Oil
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Jersey C Should I use moisturiser after applying the retinol oil?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, it's fine to use your normal evening moisturiser on top of the Retinol Oil.
Jersey C Why combine retinol and salicylic acid?
Jersey Beauty Company Adult acne doesn’t occur in a vacuum: people often also have premature skin ageing along with increased sensitivity. Treating these concerns together can be a complex challenge. But by combining skin-friendly time-released Retinol with Salicylic Acid and phytoactive lipids, Retinol Clearing Oil can address adult acne, premature skin ageing and skin sensitivity – without risking irritation or complicating your skin care regimen.
Jersey C I am pregnant and experiencing breakouts. Can I use Retinol Clearing Oil?
Jersey Beauty Company Consult your physician first before using any products that contain Retinol, including Retinol Clearing Oil. The Active Clearing range also includes Age Bright Clearing Serum and Age Bright Spot Fader that target adult breakouts and don't contain Retinol.
Jersey C Retinol Clearing Oil has caused me to break out even more than before, is this normal?
Jersey Beauty Company Sometimes when skin is introduced to a new product, it can go through a period of adjustment. This adjustment phase is temporary as well as necessary, as the skin is working to detoxify itself as impurities are forced to the surface. This “purging” period is different from an allergic reaction. If you appear to be allergic to an ingredient in a product, stop using it.
Jersey C Is Retinol Clearing Oil suitable for my oily skin?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, Retinol Clearing Oil is suitable for oily skin. Retinol Clearing Oil is a dry oil. It quickly absorbs into the skin so your skin won't feel greasy or oily after use. You could also use products such as Active Moist or Oil Free Matte SPF30 for regular oil control as well as appropriate Active Clearing products such as Overnight Clearing Gel or AGE Bright Spot Fader to spot treat sporadic breakouts.
Jersey C How is Active Clearing different from its predecessor, MediBac Clearing?
Jersey Beauty Company MediBac Clearing focused on four physiological factors that contributed to breakouts while taking into account the unique needs of adult skin. Active Clearing offers the same benefits, plus the added benefits of brightening skin tone and reducing premature signs of skin ageing such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
Jersey C Is Retinol Clearing Oil replacing any products?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes. Retinol Clearing Oil will take the place of Overnight Clearing Gel.
Jersey C Can I use Retinol Clearing Oil during the day?
Jersey Beauty Company Because Retinol can become less effective when exposed to sunlight and can make skin more sensitive to the sun, we recommend using this product only at night and applying sunscreen each day.
Jersey C Can I use Retinol Clearing Oil every night right away, or do I need to build up a tolerance?
Jersey Beauty Company Retinol Clearing Oil can be used every night. If you experience any sensitivity, reduce use to every other day or a couple times per week.
Jersey C Can I use Retinol Clearing Oil with other Retinol products?
Jersey Beauty Company No; we don’t recommend layering Retinol products or using more than one Retinol treatment at once.
Jersey C Can I use Retinol Clearing Oil with Vitamin C?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, you can use both Retinol and Vitamin C products. We recommend using Vitamin C in the morning and Retinol Clearing Oil at night.