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Redness Relief Essence
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Jersey C The essence contains PEG - 40 hydrogenated castor oil. Is it safe to use on sensitive, oily skin types ?
Jersey Beauty Company The whole Ultracalming range is perfect for sensitive skin.
Jersey C How does Redness Relief Essence reduce redness?
Jersey Beauty Company One of the key redness-reducing ingredients in this formula is Piperonyl Glucose, a unique molecule which works to prevent skin sensitivity-related flushing while also helping to reduce overall skin sensitivity. It also has a cumulative effect – so with continued use, you will experience less overall redness.
Jersey C Why does it need to be shaken before use?
Jersey Beauty Company Some ingredients in Redness Relief Essence naturally separate over time. Shaking the product before use redistributes them to ensure optimal performance.
Jersey C Why did Dermalogica choose to make an essence?
Jersey Beauty Company An essence is a unique hybrid between a toner and a serum. Creating Redness Relief Essence allowed us to create a single product that provides the hydration offered by a toner, along with highly active redness-reducing and skin-calming ingredients to effectively combat sensitivity.
Jersey C Why is it not in a spray bottle like Dermalogica toners?
Jersey Beauty Company Redness Relief Essence is more concentrated than a toner, and the formula is slightly heavier. A traditional spray bottle wouldn’t allow for optimal product distribution, and the spray pump would likely become clogged.
Jersey C Can I use this throughout the day, even over makeup?
Jersey Beauty Company Redness Relief Essence is not meant to be applied over makeup. It should be applied after cleansing and before a serum and moisturiser.
Jersey C Do I need to use a toner and serum with this product?
Jersey Beauty Company Redness Relief Essence provides the hydration of a Dermalogica toner along with the skin-calming properties of a serum. You may wish to use it without a toner and serum; alternatively, Redness Relief Essence may be applied after Multi-Active Toner and before your usual treatments and moisturisers.