Dermalogica Pure Night

Dermalogica Pure Night

Dermalogica Pure Night

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Restore skin luminosity and maximize PowerBright TRx results with this rich, night time moisturizer.

What is Pure Night?

Night creams are often a sought-after-secret in the beauty industry. They keep skin nurtured and sustained as you sleep, so finding the right one will result in a revitalised, refreshed glow when you wake. Pure Night is an energy-boosting cream that balances uneven skin tone and feeds your skin with nightly nutrients. It doesn't sit too heavy on the skin, but glides comfortably over pores after evening make-up removal.

Will Pure Night suit my skin type?

This super sleepy skincare will lighten uneven skin tone all night long. It is effective at reducing the appearance of scars or sunburn and will soothe soreness.

What super-spectacular skin health ingredients does it include?

That velvety feeling that makes you go "ooo" is caused by the super nourishing seed oils and extracts packed into Pure Night. Our favourite ingredient is the pumpkin fruit filtrate as it has actually been proven to motivate cellular rejuvenation.

Uneven skin tone - Everything you need to know.
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Brilliant! How and when should I use it?

Use on an evening after Powerbright C-12 Pure Bright Serum for best results.

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