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Jersey C Do it need to applying more than once a day?
Jersey Beauty Company apply a generous amount in the morning. It should be enough protection for a typical day.
Jersey C does it have any fragrance in it?
Jersey Beauty Company None of our products contain artificial fragrance
Jersey C Does pure light spf 50 work well for people with combination skin?
Jersey Beauty Company pure Light SPF 50 is for all skin types concerned with hyper pigmentation. Even oily, acne skin can use it.
Jersey C What is the difference between the pure light spf50 and the regular sunblock?
Jersey Beauty Company Pure Light SPF 50 is a moisturiser and SPF in one. It contains peptides to manage and help to reverse hyper pigmentation. It is light weight and for all skin types.
Jersey C Is this product safe to use while pregnant?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, this product is safe to use while pregnant. It is especially beneficial to prevent melasma, which is also referred to as pregnancy masque
Jersey C Is a sunscreen still needed ?
Jersey Beauty Company  You can use Protection 50 Sport SPF 50 for the face and body.
Jersey C is this UVA and UVB protection? If so, what level of sun protection is offered in each case?
Jersey Beauty Company All of our products offer UVA and UVB protection. Pure Light offers SPF 50 protection
Jersey C is pure light spf50 suitable for oily and combination skin?
Jersey Beauty Company Power Bright TRX is for all skin types concerned with hyper pigmentation. That being said, you may like Daily Microfoliant, Charcoal Rescue Mask and Oil Free Matte SPF30 to treat and prevent dark spots.
Jersey C Can you use this under the eyes? Will it cause Milia?
Jersey Beauty Company  For the under eye area, please try Total Eye Care SPF 15.