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Jersey C How and when should you use Prisma Protect SPF 30?
Jersey Beauty Company Use it as part of your morning regimen. So doing your Dermalogica double cleanse, exfoliating if that's part of your regimen that day, and as I said, you can either just apply it onto clean skin, or if you want to spritz with your toner, serums, boosters, etc, you can do. Apply your Prisma Protect SPF30 last before you put your make-up on, and if you're going to. Prisma Protect is designed to work with your day time defence mode of your skin, really optimising that skin defence, and then come the evening, it really perfectly partners with Dermalogica’s Sound Sleep Cocoon night gel, which is then designed to work with your nighttime biological rhythms of regeneration and repairing the skin.