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PreCleanse Cleansing Balm
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Jersey C I use the pre cleanse and I love it, however, I usually use the sensitive skin cleanser, can I use this cleanser instead or us it not suitable for very sensitive skin?
Jersey Beauty Company We encourage double cleansing, just using a small amount of cleanser twice. You can use the Precleanse or Precleanse Balm first, then your regular cleanser to give your skin that ultra cleanse.
Jersey C Is this ok to use with the Ultracalming line?
Jersey Beauty Company Precleanse Balm can be used with any of the other segment lines. It is especially nourishing. Therefore, it is especially ideal for dry, sensitive skin types. Precleanse Balm would be step zero, followed by your Ultra Calming Cleanser.
Jersey C Are there parabens in this precleanse?
Jersey Beauty Company  There are no parabens in the product.
Jersey C Can you use this to remove eye makeup?
Jersey Beauty Company  Yes, Precleanse Balm is amazing to remove eye makeup. It removes waterproof mascara, eye lash glue, long wear lipstick, etc.
Jersey C Is this good for sensitive skin?
Jersey Beauty Company  Precleanse Balm is fantastic for sensitive skin. It is particularly soothing. It locks in hydration and reinforces the skin barrier, which helps sensitive skin. Additionally, it does not contain artificial fragrances or colors. Finally, it is very nourishing.
Jersey C Is the precleanse oil or balm better suited for combination skin?
Jersey Beauty Company Precleanse Balm is for dry/sensitive to normal skin. Precleanse is for all skin types. It would really be a matter of personal preference in your case. Precleanse classic formula is more light weight so people with oily skin tend to prefer the texture. Precleanse Balm is richer and more luxurious. Precleanse Balm also comes with a mitt for deeper clean. You can't go wrong with either choice. You can also try both in travel size before deciding on the full size.
Jersey C Does the PreCleanse Balm in 0.5 oz come with the same size mitt as the 3.0 oz?
Jersey Beauty Company he travel size Precleanse Balm comes with a finger mitt.
Jersey C . Can the precleanse balm be used as an exfoliant?
Jersey Beauty Company Precleanse Balm is the first step in the Dermalogica Double Cleanse. You can use this to remove debris from the day- oils, pollution, makeup, etc. Follow with your preferred cleanser. Once you have double cleansed, you can use an exfoliant like Daily Micrfoliant to remove dead skin cells, polish and brighten the skin.
Jersey C What is the pH level of this PreCleanse?
Jersey Beauty Company Most all Dermalogica products are pH balanced to the skin (with the exception of desincrustation products). Therefore, Precleanse would fall within a 4-6 level.
Jersey C Can this cleanser be used for males and females?
Jersey Beauty Company Men and women can use all of our products.