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Overnight Clearing Gel
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Jersey C Is this product safe to use while pregnant?
Jersey Beauty Company Please do not use this while pregnant due to the Salicylic Acid. You may like Breakout Control. Breakout Control is an acid-free spot treatment that is non-drying. However, it is very effective. Apply a thin, clear layer to breakouts. Use it under moisturiser, morning and night
Jersey C Is this an acne treatment and moisturiser in one?
Jersey Beauty Company This is a hydrating gel. Therefore, you do not need to follow if a moisturiser.
Jersey C Why can a moisturiser not be applied over top? Should this be used as a spot treatment or can I put it on my entire face, avoiding the eye area?
Jersey Beauty Company This is a hydrating gel. There is no need to apply moisturiser on top since it hydrates the skin on its own. It should be applied to areas with acne only. If you have a full face of acne, you can apply it to the entire face.
Jersey C can you use any products under or on top of the overnight clearing gel?
Jersey Beauty Company You can use Overnight Clearing Gel alone at night. Apply either toner and follow with Overnight Clearing Gel. During the day, you can use Breakout Control or Clearing Mattifier over toner and under SPF.
Jersey C Can sebum mask be applied with the overnight clearing gel?
Jersey Beauty Company Both products are for acne. Please use them on areas with acne only. If you are not sensitive, you can definitely use both in the same day.
Jersey C Can I use this product be used for milia on the face? What other products should I pair it with?
Jersey Beauty Company you can use this product. Pair it with Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Resurfacer, Multi Active Toner, Clearing Mattifier and Oil Free Matte SPF 30.
Jersey C What's the difference between this and the breakout control product?
Jersey Beauty Company Overnight Clearing Gel contains Salicylic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid. It should be applied at night only and is 2-in-1. It is your acne treatment and hydrating gel. No other product should be applied on top.Breakout Control can be applied morning and night, under moisturizer. Use only a thin, clear layer. It contains colloidal silver and lactobacillus ferment to combat breakouts gently but effectively.