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Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque
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Jersey C Can I use if pregnant?
Jersey Beauty Company Always check with your doctor if unsure.
Jersey C Will this cause breakouts on oily skin?
Jersey Beauty Company This masque is for dry, ageing skin with sun damage. If you are oily, you might prefer Charcoal Rescue Masque. It brightens and detoxes.
Jersey C Is it necessary to remove masque and why?
Jersey Beauty Company  Please apply the masque after cleanser and exfoliant and leave on for ten minutes only. Follow with a moisturiser. A masque can boost your regimen but should not replace your moisturiser.
Jersey C Is this a good mask for combination skin, with dry patches on cheek, nose and chin, and also oily around the nostrils?
Jersey Beauty Company If you are mostly dry and want to combat ageing, then yes this is the ideal masque for you. It is also very brightening.
Jersey C Can this masque be used on eye area?
Jersey Beauty Company  Please avoid the eye area.
Jersey C How often should this mask be used ?
Jersey Beauty Company Please use the masque up to 3 times per week.
Jersey C Is this okay to use for slightly more sensitive skin?
Jersey Beauty Company Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque contains a small amount of Lactic Acid, which is exfoliating to the skin. Please do a patch test on an inconspicuous area before applying to the entire face.
Jersey C Can you use this on the neck area as well?
Jersey Beauty Company You can use this on the face, neck and chest.
Jersey C Is there any harm to leave it on longer than 15 minutes?
Jersey Beauty Company It will not harm the skin but keep in mind you receive the full benefits after 15 minutes.
Jersey C Should the multivitamin power recovery masque or the multivitamin power serum be used on sensitive skin?
Jersey Beauty Company If your skin is sensitive, go with Multivitamin Power Serum, as it is in a sunflower butter base. This will protect your skin. Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask has Lactic Acid, so keep in mind it exfoliates.