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Invisible Physical Defense SPF30
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Jersey C Does Invisible Physical Defense SPF 30 really blend to invisible on all skin tones? Why does it look white when it comes out of the tube?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, this product blends to invisible on all skin tones, even darker ones. It comes out white because of the Zinc Oxide in the formula, but the white appearance dissipates as you blend it onto the skin.
Jersey C What is nanotechnology and does Dermalogica use it?
Jersey Beauty Company Nanotechnology uses nanoparticles to help improve the appearance of physical sunscreens. Nanoparticles are very small particles (less than 100 nanometers). Dermalogica does not use nanotechnology.
Jersey C Will this product look invisible and wear well under make-up?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes! With all sunscreens, wait until their sunscreen feels “dry” before you apply make-up over it.
Jersey C Should this product be used even if I am not regularly outdoors?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes! UVA rays are always present, even on rainy or cloudy days; and they can penetrate glass. Besides that, blue light is everywhere, which is why it is imperative for you to wear sunscreen daily and indoors.
Jersey C Why is this product ideal for sun protection post-treatment?
Jersey Beauty Company Zinc Oxide is unlikely to sensitize skin, which makes it a reliable choice for skin that has undergone a treatment. Plus, this formula contains Bisabolol, which helps soothe and calm skin.
Jersey C How do I know which sunscreen is best for me? Chemical or physical? One with SPF 15, 30 or 50+?
Jersey Beauty Company The answer is: the sunscreen you will wear the most! Use the AI-powered widget to get a personalized regimen at
Jersey C Which is more important: SPF number or frequency of application?
Jersey Beauty Company Application, by far! While SPF numbers matter, whether you wear a sunscreen daily – and correctly – matters more.
Jersey C Is this product replacing any Dermalogica products?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, this product is replacing Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30.
Jersey C Why is this product SPF 30 and not a higher SPF?
Jersey Beauty Company For this product, we strived to provide the highest SPF possible while maintaining the best wearability. To provide a higher SPF, we had to compromise wearability, and we wanted this product to blend to invisible on all skin tones. Dermatologists typically recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, which blocks 97% of UVB rays. SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays – so the difference in UV rays blocked is only about 1 percent. (No sunscreen blocks all UV rays.)
Jersey C What is the difference between a chemical and a physical sunscreen?
Jersey Beauty Company Sunscreens are either chemical or physical. They both protect skin from harmful UV rays but they do this in different ways. Chemical sunscreens use ingredients that absorb and transform UV rays into heat. Chemical sunscreens suit most skin types and conditions; active lifestyles. A physical sunscreen uses minerals that sit on top of skin and reflect away UV rays. Physical sunscreens are perfect for all skin types and conditions, including sensitive; post- treatment SPF.