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Daily Resurfacer
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Jersey C What percentage of salicylic acid does this product contain?
Jersey Beauty Company The Daily Resurfacer has 2% Salicylic Acid. This particular exfoliant is a leave-on exfoliant that is best used after cleansing and toning the skin and before your moisturiser. The Daily Resurfacer has chemical and physical exfoliants to deliver the most effective exfoliation while also protecting the skin from free radicals and providing hydration to the skin.
Jersey C Which moisturiser can be used for combination skin and fine lines after the daily resurfacer at night?
Jersey Beauty Company You can use Skin Smoothing Cream after exfoliating with Daily Resurfacer
Jersey C Can you use daily superfoliant in the AM and daily resurfacer in the PM?
Jersey Beauty Company It depends on your unique skin. If your skin is not sensitive, then yes you can use one in the morning and one at night.
Jersey C Is this a product to be used on ageing over 60 skin?
Jersey Beauty Company  Daily Resurfacer is a hydrating, leave-on exfoliate. It is for all skin types. However, since cell turn over slows down as we age, this is idea for mature skin. Once a day, after cleanser and before toner.
Jersey C Can this product be used with overnight retinol repair serum?
Jersey Beauty Company  Daily Resurfacer is an exfoliant. Please do not use exfoliants with Retinol.
Jersey C Is it possible to only use this after cleansing without using moisturiser after?
Jersey Beauty Company use this after cleanser and before toner. Follow with a moisturiser. 
Jersey C Can this be used if pregnant?
Jersey Beauty Company  Please do not use Daily Resurfacer. Instead, try Skin Prep Scrub. 
Jersey C is it normal to have some mild redness on the face after using this product?
Jersey Beauty Company If you are experiencing mild redness, try to use the product once a day, every other day and see if it helps.
Jersey C What is the difference between the superfoliant and daily resurfacer?
Jersey Beauty Company  Daily Superfoliant is for normal to aging skin. It detoxes the pores with charcoal, 3 type of enzymes and Lactic Acid and Malic acid. It is an anti-pollution treatment product. It is a powder exfoliant that you mix with water. You use it once a day after cleansing.Daily Resurfacer is a leave-on, hydrating exfoliant for all skin types. After cleansing, you can wipe this onto the skin and follow with toner.
Jersey C Can this product can be used by men?
Jersey Beauty Company All of our products are for everyone.