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jean b Can i after washing face and spraying antioxidant in morning, Can I use Solar DefenceBooster, then Barrier Repair.?
Jersey Beauty Company Absolutely, you can add a little Solar Defense Booster spf50 to your moisturiser or one after the other to give you great daytime protection.
Jersey C Can I use barrier repair post surgery in place of aquafor?
Jersey Beauty Company Barrier Repair is an extremely gentle mosituriser suitable for damaged and sensitive skin to help repair the lipid barrier and ease inflamed areas. We would always recommend to seek advise from a GP before using any products post surgery.
Jersey C What is the shelf life of this product and storage requirements?
Jersey Beauty Company The shelf life of Barrier Repair is marker by a symbol of an open container with a number on it. This symbolises the number of months this product is good for after it has been opened. It is best to store your products at room temperature. 
Jersey C Does this moisturiser have SPF in it?
Jersey Beauty Company  Barrier Repair does not have SPF. For UV protection ideal for sensitive skin, please try Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30.
Jersey C I would like to know about the application sequence of super sensitive shield spf30 and barrier repair. Which one first? Or both ways are okay?
Jersey Beauty Company Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30 is an SPF and moisturiser in one. You can wear it alone, or on top of Barrier Repair, which is an anhydrous moisturiser
Jersey C Can this product be used around the eyes and eye lids?
Jersey Beauty Company We typically do not recommend to put products on the eyelid. However, Barrier Repair is a healing, repairing shield that can restore sensitised skin. Because of that, it can be used on the eye area if needed.
Jersey C Is barrier repair a good moisturiser for dry/sensitive skin? can it be used in the morning and in the evening?
Jersey Beauty Company  Barrier Repair is amazing for dry and sensitive skin.
Jersey C Is this good for combination oily skin type?
Jersey Beauty Company Barrier Repair is better for oil-dry skin. If you are oily, combination or dehydrated, Calm Water Gel would be a better option.
Jersey C Is this a product for a pre-teen with mild eczema
Jersey Beauty Company You might prefer Calm Water Gel since it is more light weight.
Jersey C Can barrier repair be used as a nighttime moisturiser and age smart dynamic skin recovery with spf 50 as a daytime moisturiser? is there a better combination to use?
Jersey Beauty Company That is a great combination if it works for you. You can also use Calm Water Gel as a hydrating serum step.
Jersey C Is it suitable to be using Barrier Repair for acne and pustules on the face?
Jersey Beauty Company You may prefer a more light weight option, like Calm Water Gel.
Jersey C Do i use active moist before or after barrier repair?
Jersey Beauty Company Barrier Repair is a moisturiser, so it is not necessary to apply on top of Active Moist
Jersey C Is this suitable for people with acne or would it make things worse?
Jersey Beauty Company If you have acne, you may prefer Calm Water Gel
Jersey C Is the barrier repair used before or after daily moisturiser with spf?
Jersey Beauty Company  You can use Barrier Repair under Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30
Jersey C Can this be used this if pregnant?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, this is safe to use during pregnancy.