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Age Reversal Eye Complex
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Jersey C What should I use on my eyelids?
Jersey Beauty Company The skin around the eye area is extremely sensitive and cream/serums should not be directly applied to the eyelids. If you apply a small amount of cream to the eye socket area it will gradually penetrate around the eye area. If you apply too much or too close to the eye, you may find the area become irritated and puffy.
Jersey C What is the difference between the eye creams?
Jersey Beauty Company Intensive Eye Repair is from the Daily Skin Health line and is designed to nourish and protect the eyes for those with dry skin. This is a rich cream to combat dryness, rough texture and fine lines around the eyes. Ideal skin health maintenance for the eyes from our 20’s upwards if prone to dry skin. MultiVitamin Power Firm and Age Reversal Eye Complex are from the AGE smart® line thus designed for those concerned with the ageing process and contain actives to tackle ageing symptoms around the eyes. MultiVitamin Power Firm is great for first signs of premature ageing around the eyes, the silicone texture combats dehydration and the vitamins reduce fine lines and defend against oxidative stress from the environment (such as pollution) it also firms with red seaweed extract. Age Reversal Eye Complex is for progressed ageing and deeper lines. It contains Retinol which is proven to reverse natural and environmental skin ageing. It also reduces the dark circles associated with the ageing process. This must be used at night due to the retinol. Either MultiVitamin Power Firm or Intensive Eye Repair could be used as the daytime option.
Jersey C Is this a suitable product to start to use on smile wrinkles for someone in their twenties?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, this eye cream can definitely help.
Jersey C Will this product work with deep lines under the eyes?
Jersey Beauty Company This is a very effective eye cream due to the retinol, antioxidants and other ingredients. It is amazing to help prevent and address the signs of ageing.
Jersey C Can it be used in the morning as well?
Jersey Beauty Company You can use this at night and use Total Eye Care SPF 15 during the day.
Jersey C Is this product safe for use on the eyelids?
Jersey Beauty Company Please avoid the eye lid, as this product contains .01% retinol. AGE Reversal Eye Complex should be used on the under eye and crows feet area only.
Jersey C Can moisturiser be applied after applying this eye product?
Jersey Beauty Company You can definitely follow with a moisturiser for all over the face. For the eye area, The AGE Reversal Eye Complex will suffice as a treatment and eye cream.
Jersey C Due to this product containing Retinol is it safe to use whilst pregnant?
Jersey Beauty Company Age Reversal Eye Complex is not safe for use during pregnancy because of the Retinol