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Active Moist
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Jersey C Can this be applied to the eye area?
Jersey Beauty Company Active Moist is for the face. For best results, try Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum around the eyes.
Jersey C Is this product suitable for sensitive and combination skin?
Jersey Beauty Company  Active Moist is for oily to combination skin. Since it does not have irritating ingredients, like artificial fragrance or colour, it is suitable for sensitive skin. Please make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.
Jersey C Is this non comedogenic?
Jersey Beauty Company We do not use the term non comedogenic, because what may breakout one person may not breakout another person. Active Moist, however, was designed with oily, breakout prone skin in mind. It should not clog your pores.
Jersey C I'm using Medibac clearing wash and overnight clearing gel. Should I use this moisturiser after? My skin type is slightly dry.
Jersey Beauty Company You can follow your cleanser with Multi Active Toner with Hydration. Apply Overnight Clearing Gel to breakouts and Active Moist to healthy or dry skin.
Jersey C Why does this product contain Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate? It's a UV absorber and filter found in sunscreen products. The EWG lists it as a moderate concern for skin cosmetics.
Jersey Beauty Company  It's at a very low level and acts as a formula solubilizer
Jersey C Is this suitable for oily and acne prone skin?
Jersey Beauty Company Active Moist is light weight and hydrating. It is for anyone who wants a moisturiser that is light weight in texture.
Jersey C Is this product water, silicone or oil based?
Jersey Beauty Company This is a water based moisturiser.
Jersey C Can this help with cystic acne that also won't dry out sensitive/dry skin?
Jersey Beauty Company You can use Precleanse, Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Ultra Calming Mist, Breakout Control and Active Moist.
Jersey C Is this product suitable for rosacea?
Jersey Beauty Company  Only a doctor can treat and diagnose Rosacea. That being said, our Ultra Calming products may help with the symptoms associated with Rosacea. Like redness, irritation, etc. 
Jersey C Can this be used this if pregnant?
Jersey Beauty Company Yes, this is safe to use during pregnancy.