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Generic Body Care Moisturise

Introducing the new Dermalogica Body Collection!

Over the years, the restorative experience of bathing has been lost. Most of us rush through life from one task to the next, not really taking the time to relax. Dermalogica’s Body Collection range is designed to change that!

With skin being the largest organ of the body, covering us from head to toe, we encourage you to take care of your body skin and achieve skin health for your entire body!

Dermalogica’s new Body Collection is a comprehensive selection of formulas that cleanses, hydrates, brightens and nourishes – and delivers restorative relaxation.

Whether you have just 5 minutes for a shower or can carve out 30 minutes of ‘me time’ in the bath, the body collection will heighten the senses, leaving you feeling invigorated and refreshed and leave your skin feeling incredible.

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Conditioning Body Wash

is a nourishing body wash that cleanses, conditions and invigorates. It features aromatic oils of French Rosemary and Chinese Eucalyptus alongside fresh Tea Tree and Lemon oils to awaken the senses.